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Tag: Guzzle

Guzzle & Sucuri: Fixing 403 request errors

Posted on by David Singer | Updated:
Category: Common Fixes | Tags: Composer, Guzzle
Reading Time: 2 minutes

When using GuzzleHTTP client if the domain you’re interacting with uses Sucuri you may find some unexpected results. Generally the issues come in the way of 4XX or 5XX error response codes. Oddly enough the issue presents itself when the Url works normally in the browser (or curl), but presents an inexplicable 403 with Guzzle. Some of your mileage may vary based on the domains Securi settings and configuration, but this tip can usually get you on the right track!

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Working with Composer & Examples

Posted on by David Singer | Updated:
Category: Series | Tags: Composer, Guzzle, PHP
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In the previous articles we worked through what composer is, who uses it, and how to install it. Here we will cover some basic use case examples of how to acquire packages using the composer tool we previously setup.

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