Author: Kevin Murphy

Kevin formerly worked for Liquid Web as a Helpful Human supporting our Windows Enterprise team. He has been working in IT professionally since 2012. While he has supported Windows infrastructure his entire career, he also has an in-depth knowledge of Linux. In his free time, he enjoys reading, video games, and watching NHL and Formula 1.

What is DNSSEC?

Posted on by Kevin Murphy
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Domain Name System Security Extensions or DNSSEC signs DNS Record Sets (RRsets) at each DNS zone level. This allows one to verify the DNS record they are receiving has not been altered.

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Transferring files to your new Windows Server can be a hassle when you are first setting everything up. Plesk, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or network file sharing might not be quite ready to use or your internet service provider may block those web ports. One solution is to transfer files through the Remote Desktop Connection program. You can redirect your workstation's hard drive and it will appear when you are logged in. This 5-step tutorial will teach you how to install and configure Remote Desktop on your Windows PC and how to use it for your file transfers.

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