What is DNSSEC?

Reading Time: 2 minutesDomain Name System Security Extensions or DNSSEC signs DNS Record Sets (RRsets) at each DNS zone level. This allows one to verify the DNS record they are receiving has not been altered. For example, manage.liquidweb.com has these zone levels:
  • Root (.)
  • com, org, net
  • liquidweb
  • Manage
DNS Record Set (RRsets) is a group of records with the same record type, for example all DNS A records are one RRset. Continue reading “What is DNSSEC?”

RDP File Transfer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

How to Use Remote Desktop to Transfer Files to Your Windows Server

Transferring files to your new Windows Server can be a hassle when you are first setting everything up. Plesk, FTP, or network file sharing might not be quite ready to use or your internet service provider may block those web ports. This is where transferring files via the Remote Desktop Connection program comes in! You can redirect your workstations hard drive and it will appear when you are logged in. Continue reading “RDP File Transfer”