Chris Lema

Chris Lema is our Vice President of Products at Liquid Web. A well-known blogger and public speaker, Chris has led our product teams to develop and launch our Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce product lines.

How to Monetize Your Blog Without Ads

Real-life examples of blog owners who've developed subscriptions, affiliate marketing, ad alternatives, products, and services, to increase blog revenue.
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6 Examples For Saying “Thank You to Your Customers”

Research shows customers love being thanked. See example business thank you messages to customers and more ideas to say "thank you for shopping with us."
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Advanced eCommerce Fulfillment & Shipping Strategies

[Case Studies] - e-commerce companies with challenging fulfillment requirements can learn from these 2 success stories from TeeSpring and Splendid Beast.
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Liquid Web & iThemes Will Go Far Together

When you can bring friends, work, and a vision, the sum total is more than its parts. We are proud to announce iThemes is joining the Liquid Web family.
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How Much Should a Website Cost?

We show you how much it would cost to build a basic website, a professional website, a custom website, and examples for each.
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What is a Call to Action?

What is a Call to Action? If you've asked yourself this question before, then we have the answer for you - along with two tips to get you started.
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7 Design Tools for Non-Designers

Even if you are not an image designer or a creative, there are ways to add visuals and images to your content to create engagement.
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Should Your Agency Build Its Own Management Software?

One of the most common responses for agencies that require multiple people working on various tasks is for developers to suggest building their management software.
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