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Protecting Your Data One Byte at a Time

SSL Certificates

Encrypt Your Site Traffic and Online Transactions

Server Secure Plus

Built for Security by Hosting Experts

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Reassurance That Your Service Remains Free of Threats

PCI Compliance

Protect Your Customers' Private Data


Keep your internet property safe from common vulnerabilities

Protection and Remediation

 Proactive and reactive assistance to prevent attacks on the server and application level

SSL Certificates

Secure & Encrypt Your Server's Traffic

SSL Certificates keep your site and online transactions secure with strong encryption, protecting any sensitive data your site may be collecting. They have become a standard for safety when it comes to trust and reputation in online security. We offer SSL Certificates from GlobalSign®, one of the most respected names in the industry. In addition, our highly trained technicians are available 24/7/365 to quickly and easily set you up with an SSL Certificate that fits your needs, freeing you from the responsibility of issuing, reissuing, renewing, and reporting across domains. We can help you protect your site and ensure it stays protected, giving you more time to focus on your business.

  •  Encrypt Your Online Transaction
  •  Phishing Attack Prevention
  •  Choose From Wide Range of SSL Types
  •  Install Across Multiple Servers

SSL Types & Pricing

Standard Globalsign® SSL

Popular and affordable, this standard SSL offers a quick solution that spotlights a commitment to security to anyone that visits your site. This plan features the recognizable browser padlock, https in your URL, and is fully automated, allowing customers to easily protect data, email, logins and e-commerce immediately.

  • 1 year - $50
  • 2 year - $95
Wildcard SSL - Single Domain (Standard SSL)

While the Standard SSL packages generally only cover the domain for which they are issued, the Wildcard SSL Certificate is more versatile. It can be used on an unlimited number of subdomains across an unlimited number of servers. Once the certificate has been secured, all future subdomains and servers will be covered.

  • 1 year - $150
  • 2 year - $285
Organization SSL - Single Domain

The Organization SSL offers peace of mind to customers with automatic business identity confirmation. Assuring users that they have come to the right place, the Organization SSL delivers an immediate level of credibility in addition to the browser padlock, https, and strong SSL protection.

  • 1 year - $210
  • 2 year - $378
Organization SSL + Wildcard - Single Domain

Combining the benefits of the Organization SSL and the Wildcard SSL into one, this comprehensive solution assures customers of your corporate identity and is ideal for users with a large or growing hosting environment. Not only does this plan allow you to secure your domain and all subdomains, present and future, with a single Wildcard SSL certificate, it also provides authenticated organization details across your entire platform.

  • 1 year - $570
  • 2 year - $1,026
Extended Validation SSL

The Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) is currently regarded as the highest standard in security with SSL certificates. An EV SSL immediately tells your customers that you’re using the highest level of SSL security available by turning the address bar green and identifying your company name as a secure and trusted vendor. EV SSL also requires specific company information that provides potential customers with a clear affirmation of identity.

1 Year $540 Base Price
2 Year $972 Base Price
EV SSL with Unified Communication Support Base Price + $180/year per domain + $90/year per subdomain


Built for Security by Hosting Experts

ServerSecure™ is an exclusive Liquid Web service designed to save you both time and resources. Available for both Windows and Linux, it provides many additional services and modifications to your default operating system and control panel installation - greatly enhancing the security, reliability, and compatibility of your server and software.

What would have normally taken you hours of installation work, or the hiring of an outside systems administrator, is now done for you by Liquid Web. Your server is locked down, ready to run, as soon as you receive it.



  •  Email Protection: Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
  •  Service Hardening: HTTP/S, cPanel, PHP
  •  Secured Access: via SSH, FTP, or RDP
  •  Available Nessus® Vulnerability Scanning
  •  Brute Force Detection and Prevention

Choose Your OS

Whether your server lives on Windows or Linux, rest assured our comprehensive security solution, ServerSecure, will protect it from attacks. ServerSecure includes a few important security features by default for no charge on both operating systems, and our Linux users have the opportunity to upgrade to ServerSecurePlus for advanced features.

Linux Servers: Choose From Two Security Levels

Whether you need basic security measures set up on your server, or you require enhanced security hardening, we have a ServerSecure solution to meet your demands. ServerSecure is included by default on all servers, and our advanced solution, ServerSecurePlus, takes your server’s security to the next level by adding daily CXS Scans and a multitude of server hardening initiatives that adjust access to airtight levels.

ServerSecure (Included)


Firewall Protection check_box check_box
Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection check_box check_box
HTTP Intrusion Protection check_box check_box
Server Hardening check_box check_box
Daily Security Audits check_box check_box
Disable Root FTP Access remove_circle_outline check_box
Daily CXS Scan remove_circle_outline check_box
Monthly Nessus Vulnerability Scans [also available separately] remove_circle_outline check_box
Web Server & PHP Hardening remove_circle_outline check_box
Secure Temporary Directories remove_circle_outline check_box
Enhanced Website Log Retention remove_circle_outline check_box
SSH / cPanel / FTP Hardening remove_circle_outline check_box
Cost Free $49/mo

Windows Servers: Complete Security Protection that Comes Standard

ServerSecure for Windows is included by default on all Windows servers and has all the features you need to keep your Windows server operating at peak performance 24/7/365.


ESET File Security [optional, +$10/month] scans all files that are launched, opened, and/or modified, and disinfects or deletes all infected files. Furthermore, suspicious files and content are quarantined prior to undergoing further analysis. Additional licensing charges may apply.


Liquid Web's custom Malicious Activity Detector (MAD) setup monitors your server to reactively defend against malicious activity. MAD will track your system logs and incoming connections for failed login attempts and DoS attacks. The services monitored include: Plesk, Microsoft FTP, MSSQL, Remote Desktop, and NTLM connections.


RDP over SSL helps increase RDP’s security by preventing "Man In The Middle" (MITM) attacks that intercept data between the server and client. This server gives the client the ability to authenticate a server's identity, which increases the security of your terminal services and enhances the power of your SSL operation.


SYN Attack Protection monitors incoming traffic and modifies the TCP/IP stack automatically if a SYN attack is in progress. It lowers the time-out connection responses on your system during the attack to lessen the effect of the attack, and returns the TCP/IP stack back to normal after the attack subsides.


The latest Windows updates are automatically scheduled to be installed and configured as needed, so you’ll always be sure your server is up-to-date and secure.


Monthly Nessus Vulnerability Scanning [optional, additional cost] proactively detects and solves issues and potential compromises on your server with regular vulnerability scans that search sensitive data, check plugins, and prevent malware attacks.


We’ve Got Your Back.

Liquid Web knows that our customers take their web hosting seriously and expect quick, knowledgeable service from a team member that is familiar with their hosting needs.

With Liquid Web, you’ll have peace of mind that we’re on-site at our data centers 24/7/365, constantly monitoring your server.

Security & Compliance Scanning

Keep your servers secure with scanning services

PCI Compliance

Protection From Malicious Traffic

Our fully managed PCI DSS scanning service is an invaluable tool in the PCI Compliance process. PCI compliance ensures that websites requesting and storing sensitive customer information are protecting that data. Without PCI Compliance, your organization not only risks exposing sensitive data to hackers, but could also face fines or permanent expulsion from card acceptance programs. PCI Compliance is absolutely necessary to assure that customer data is protected appropriately.

Starts At $50

Per Month
  • Secure Your Website Data
  • Prevent Security Breaches & Theft
  • Ensure Customer Trust & Loyalty
  • Improve Standing With Payment Brands

How Our PCI Scanning Service Works

The requirements laid out by the PCI DSS vary and many of them can only be completed by your own organization. For the full list of PCI DSS requirements, see our Knowledge Base. While we can not offer full PCI compliance certification, we can be here to help you through the process. Our technicians can help you design and customize your hosting environment to meet all applicable security standards. In addition our scanning service not only checks to see if your environment is compliant, but also provides quarterly scans to ensure services are kept up to date and any new security vulnerabilities are resolved immediately.


Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Reassurance That Your Service Remains Free of Threats

With the help of an expert team continuously researching and updating for new threats, Tenable's Nessus vulnerability scans have become the standard bearer in scanning for potential compromises to your hosting environment. Now, our customers can reap their benefits, regardless of the size and scope of their enterprise, for only $10/mo.

Only $10

Per Month


  •  Peace of Mind You Can Afford
  •  Includes Monthly Scans & Reports
  •  Check Up to 10 IPs for One Price
  •  Proactively Detect & Solve Issues
  •  Assistance with Server Configuration*
Nessus Scanner Features:
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Compliance Checks*
  • Sensitive Data Searches
  • SCADA Plugin Checks
  • Web Application Scanning
  • Malware Prevention
Additional Benefits:
  • Access to Check Up to 10 IPs
  • Configuration Auditing Assistance
  • Scan Scheduling
  • Customizable Scans for Unique Configurations
  • Easy-to-Read Reports

* only available on fully managed servers

Peace of Mind You Can't Afford to Skimp On

By allowing us to set up Nessus vulnerability scans for your service, staying protected against constantly evolving security threats has never been simpler. With licensing and updating taken care of for the largest available collection of network security checks, compliance auditing, and reporting, you are free to focus on building your environment with the ultimate peace of mind.

Detailed and easy-to-read monthly reports are sent to Nessus Vulnerability Scan users, providing a simple and up-to-date log of potential threats, suggested recommendations, and any changes in tools utilized across your platform. By going beyond simply reporting areas of concern and providing suggestion, these customizable reports are an invaluable tool for anyone looking to quickly and easily troubleshoot potential threats before they materialize into anything more.

Keep your internet property safe

Cloudflare’s enterprise-class web application firewall (WAF) protects your Internet property from common vulnerabilities like SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and cross-site forgery requests with no changes to your existing infrastructure.

Self-managed WAFs quickly become outdated and require professional service hours to regularly update rules to protect against new threats. Cloudflare’s WAF helps you stay ahead of threats by automatically updating when new security vulnerabilities are released. Rules created by Cloudflare in response to new threats are responsible for mitigating the vast majority of threats on our network.

Cloudflare offers a single source of control for the security of websites, applications, and APIs, hosted across multiple cloud environments. Multi-cloud security provides visibility into security events, while allowing for consistent security controls, across all clouds in which Internet assets are deployed. Any attack traffic seen by Cloudflare is recorded and analyzed. Cloudflare’s network then shields Internet assets across all cloud providers.