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Kubernetes is an open-source framework for handling containerized workloads and services that allows declarative setup and automation. In today's dynamic IT landscape, Kubernetes has become a fundamental technology for organizations adopting containerization and microservices architectures. It provides a standardized and efficient way to manage and scale applications, ensuring high availability, fault tolerance, and resource optimization. With features like automatic load balancing, rolling updates, and self-healing, Kubernetes simplifies the complexities of deploying and managing modern applications, making it an integral part of the DevOps toolkit.

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As web applications become more complex and tasked with doing more, the demand puts stress on IT teams and their infrastructure. If you pair that with the expectation that development timelines should be shorter to accommodate quicker deployment strategies, then software companies are in a bind. Tech companies have a trump card they can use to make development easier, even under the increasing pressure of time constraints.

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