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You’ve set up your products, your store is live, and the orders are coming in, just like you had hoped. But where can you see your orders within your dashboard? After all, setting up your online store is just one half of this journey – fulfilling orders is the other half!

How do I find orders that have been made on my store?

After you log into wp-admin for your store, go to WooCommerce > Orders, which load your orders screen and list all the orders that have been placed through your store.

WooCommerce Orders

On this page, you will see orders that have been made and their order status. For example, and order may be Processing, Completed, or Failed.

To see per order details, click on the order number. This will bring up more information about who completed the purchase, where the order is being sent, and contact details.

Order Details

It is important to note that you can only edit orders when they are set to Processing. If an order is set to Completed then the product(s) and other details cannot be edited.

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