Liquid Web Maintains 99.9992% Network Uptime

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For Liquid Web customers, 2021 was a stable year for hosting their mission-critical resources and data. With over 45,000 customers and half a million (and growing) sites under the Liquid Web Family of Brands, more are trusting the industry’s most loved hosting provider on the planet than ever before.

The Network and Security Operations Teams completed many large projects, bolstering infrastructure and giving our customers more uptime and faster speeds for their applications, stores, and sites than ever before.

What is Uptime?

Uptime is defined as the amount of time, usually presented on an annual basis, that infrastructure is online, available, and successfully operational. Uptime is universally presented in the amount of 9s availability achieved by the web host. Companies usually seek for five or more 9s availability to guarantee reliable infrastructure performance and uptime.

Liquid Web’s 2021 Uptime

In 2021, Liquid Web upheld an annual uptime of 99.9992%. That is more than the coveted five 9s availability that mission-critical sites and applications require. Translated, that means Liquid Web customers experienced less than five and a half minutes of downtime in 2021.

Liquid Web also:

  • Resolved 14,648 customer tickets.
  • Monitored over 3,000 network devices.

Liquid Web is constantly proactively monitoring, servicing, maintaining, replacing, and optimizing customer infrastructure to stay online. Why? 

We are The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®.

2021 Infrastructure and Network Upgrades

Liquid Web had many key accomplishments to note in 2021 ensuring that customer infrastructure was available, highly performant, and ever-growing:

2021 Network Accomplishments

  • Total Internet bandwidth more than doubled.
  • New connectivity increased performance for larger data streams or transfers.
  • Much improved DDoS protection with 100Gb lines, reducing the impact and chances of line saturation.
  • Better management, features, and reliability for Windows server hosting networks (Managed Microsoft Intranet).
  • Refreshed hardware added features, reliability, supportability, and performance to numerous networks and products.
  • Product scalability improved, enabling shorter deployment times.

2021 Security Operations Accomplishments 

  • Increased Security Operations department coverage.
  • Additional security products were added to help mitigate or prevent more complex security issues.
  • Better spam monitoring reduced abuse and kept Liquid Web IP space clean from blacklists.

All of the above improvements meant one thing to our customers: reliable and highly-performant infrastructure with leading 24/7/365 support available within 59 seconds via live chat or phone.

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