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For SMBs on the fast track to success, it is crucial to have infrastructure that keeps up with traffic and store order demands. Learn about Liquid Web's Cloud Services, all designed to scale on demand.

What is Bare Metal Cloud?

Bare metal cloud is a customizable cloud deployment that offers the benefits of the cloud on a dedicated server.
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What is a Hypervisor?

What is a hypervisor? Learn about Type 1 & 2 hypervisors that allow multiple operating systems to work together on the same physical hardware.
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What is Server Virtualization?

What is server virtualization and how does it work? Learn about the different types and see specific examples of server virtualization.
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What is a Bare Metal Hypervisor?

Bare metal (Type 1) hypervisors are installed directly on the hardware of a physical host machine, giving businesses virtualization benefits.
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An Overview of Storage Virtualization

By virtualizing your storage, you can pool resources together. Find out everything there is to know about storage virtualization in our guide.
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KVM vs VMware: A Complete Virtualization Comparison

Here is a complete comparison of KVM vs VMware, including use cases and benefits of Linux KVM vs vSphere and ESXi.
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SAN vs NAS: A Complete Guide to Storage Area Networks vs Network-Attached Storage

Discover the difference between SAN vs NAS and learn what is SAN with Liquid Web's complete guide to network storage.
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What is a Private Network? Definition & Use Cases

Find out what a private network is, why you need one, and popular examples using VMware Multi-Tenant Private Cloud.
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How to Choose the Best cPanel Cloud Hosting

For those businesses and resellers looking to scale quickly, hosting cPanel in the cloud can provide reliability and high performance.
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Business Benefits of Virtual Data Centers using VMware

Find out the 10 benefits of virtual data centers using VMware and how to leverage your virtualization to its fullest potential.
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