How to Install VNC Server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Reading Time: 2 minutesVNC is short for ‘Virtual Network Computing’. It’s a simple method for sharing a graphical desktop environment. For example, if you install VNC on your hosted server, you could connect to its graphical desktop environment remotely.
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Step #1: Install the TightVNC VNC Server

As a matter of best practices, let’s reload the package database: sudo apt-get update At this point, installing the TightVNC VNC Server is as simple as running just one command: sudo apt-get install -y tightvncserver

Step #2: Add a Password for the VNC Server

Use the following command to set a secure password: vncserver   Be sure to follow our best practices for passwords: Practice Safe Passwords: A Quick Guide to Password Security! After the access password is set, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to set the view-only password. This feature is helpful for demonstrations via VNC. In that scenario, people logged in with the view-only password would not be able to control the VNC session with their mouse or keyboard but would be able to view the session. Running VNC server will also create a default startup script, start the applications specified in the default config file, and create a log file.

Step #3: Additional Information and Options

Even with a password VNC is still inherently insecure. It is best to force all VNC traffic through a VPN or an SSH tunnel.”
  By default, TightVNC launches a default session listening on port 5901. Running the command: netstat -plant Shows: Proto  Recv-Q  Send-Q  Local Address  Foreign Address  State  PID/Program name tcp    0       0*        LISTEN 27760/Xtightvnc Port 5901 is called a display port; the VNC session listening on port 5901 is referred to with a display number, which in this case is :1. The general naming convention is display number :x refers to display port 5900 + x. To stop a session running on a specified display number (:1 in this case) use the following command: vncserver -kill :1 Need more information about setting up TightVNC? We can help! You can always open a ticket with a Support Technician by emailing, or calling in to our support line at 1-800-580-4985 (or using our international line at 1-517-322-0434) or, open a chat with us and we’ll be happy to Get the info you need to quickly resolve your issue!  
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