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Protecting My Business

Find top security content designed to inform business owners and developers on how to keep infrastructure up and running - no matter what threats come your way.

Cybersecurity Education for Employees: Top Tips and Ideas

Improve the cybersecurity employee education at your organization by taking time to plan for data security threats, procedures, and internal communication.
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What is a Security Vulnerability?

Protect your business from cyber threats by learning what is a security vulnerability with Liquid Web's expert guidance & protection services.
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What is a Data Breach?

Find out what a data breach is, how they occur, what security precautions you can take to prevent them, and how to react when they happen.
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How to Tell if an Email is Spam

Stay safe from email spam and phishing attacks by learning how to tell if an email is spam with these practical tips.
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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data disasters happen every day all over the globe. Proactively protect yourself with this guide to build a backup and disaster recovery plan.
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Data Privacy Week Is Your Opportunity to Put Privacy in the Spotlight

Data Privacy Week is to raise awareness about the significance of safeguarding the privacy of personal data online.
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Worst Case Scenario: Here’s What Can Happen If You Fail To Maintain A Backup

How often are you backing up your data? Because if you’re not using an automated backup solution, I’ve some bad news for you.
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The challenge of cloud outages: Reasons and solutions

A cloud outage can be a major problem for your business’s health if you offer cloud-based services. Here are the causes and solutions to find your way out.
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How to Protect Your eCommerce Site From Cyber Attacks

3 out of every 5 cyber attacks are targeted at SMBs, and most are eCommerce breaches. Learn the most common attack vectors and protect your business.
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Top 5 eCommerce Security Needs

To avoid compromising your eCommerce transactions, you must remain vigilant in your security measures. See the top 5 eCommerce security measures to take.
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