Mayra Pena

Mayra Pena, is the Communications Manager at Liquid Web and has over 10 years of experience in technology. Her passion is being a Helpful Human by creating and sharing valuable content for the Liquid Web community.

Women in Technology: Amy Moruzzi

Systems Engineer for Nexcess, a Liquid Web Brand, on problem-solving, finding joy in helping others, and developing skills that will last you a career. Systems Engineer Amy Moruzzi was born in Amsterdam. “We lived in the Netherlands until I was five,” she says. “At that time, my parents were sort of hippies who lived on […]

Liquid Web’s Dedicated Servers Now Offer Upgraded Performance with Intel Xeon Scalable Technology

LANSING, Mich., October 28, 2020 – Liquid Web, LLC, the market leader in managed hosting and digital commerce cloud services to SMBs and entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of their upgraded Dedicated Intel Xeon 6226R servers with advanced Intel Xeon Scalable technology. This new offering will provide customers with a vital performance for high workloads, […]

8 Best Practices for Password Security

If you’re in any way vigilant about online security, you undoubtedly have a different, complicated password for every protected online resource that you use. Also, because you’re vigilant, you might sometimes have trouble remembering passwords. But weak passwords won’t stand up to security issues from hackers. Passwords are a pain, but strong passwords are also […]

Women in Technology: Christie Chirinos

Nexcess’ Product Manager for Managed WooCommerce on maintaining hope, diversifying tech, and owning what you bring to the table. Christie Chirinos spent the early 2000s as a teenage girl obsessed with rock music and the Internet. From The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, to 90s grunge bands like Soundgarden and Britpop revival bands like Oasis, Chirinos […]

Women in Technology: V Collins-Ross

Liquid Web’s Testing Engineer on the vast possibilities made reality by tech, how they found themself at Liquid Web, and the power of following your interests. VCR loves the multifaceted nature of technology. “It’s infinitely versatile. From infrared scanners that help doctors find veins, to prosthetic limbs that restore the sensation of touch, to viewing […]

Liquid Web Launches Managed Cloud Servers, Making the Public Cloud Available On-Demand at a Predictable Price

The fully managed, turnkey cloud solution enables businesses to deploy high demand websites and applications quickly and easily scale as business needs change. LANSING, Mich., September 9, 2020 – Liquid Web, LLC, the market leader in managed hosting and digital commerce cloud services to SMBs and entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of the company’s new […]

Women in Technology: Misty Combs

Liquid Web’s HR Director on engines, connection, and the source of her work ethic. Misty Combs has a passion for people, animals, and engines. “I like the adrenaline rush of riding motorcycles and snowmobiles. I love driving drag cars, autocross cars, and off-road trucks,” she says. “I never want to miss an opportunity for an […]