Enterprise Hosting Solutions

As your hosted infrastructure becomes more complex, so does the task of managing it. An Enterprise Hosting solution from Liquid Web can help.

We’ll partner with your IT team to design a hosting solution for your business challenges, and free your staff from the tedious task of managing it. You’ll have a single point of contact, and your dedicated account manager will work with our enterprise teams to build, test, deploy, and manage your hosting environment.

Solutions Built for Enterprise Hosting

Let our team create a custom solution for you using dedicated or cloud infrastructure.

Server Clusters

Hybrid Hosting

High Availability

Disaster Planning

HIPAA Compliance

PCI Compliance

High Availability Solutions

When Downtime Isn’t An Option, Choose a High Availability Solution

Your projects have unique requirements. At Liquid Web, we build custom hosting environments to fit your site or application using the technologies that are the best fit. Here are a few examples.

HA KVM Product

High Availability Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

A High Availability Kernel-based Virtual Machine uses two parent servers and one virtual instance to provide improved uptime and data redundancy. You'll have access to the virtual instance, which behaves exactly like a regular server.

One parent is active at a time and the other is ready (with a copy of all of your data) to take over immediately in case of catastrophic hardware failure.

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High Availability Database

High Availability Database provides instant data replication between two redundant nodes, an active server and a hot spare, using proven, enterprise-grade tools including Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) software and Heartbeat.

Only one node is active at a time; the inactive node will be waiting with a copy of your data in hot standby, ready to take over in less than a minute in case of a catastrophic hardware failure on the active node.

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HA Database Product Base

Load Balanced Solutions

For Applications that Require a High Performance Solution

When your application begins to challenge the resources of a single server, consider a load balanced solution. By adding additional servers and replicating content between machines, our load balancers can intelligently distribute traffic between machines to keep your application performing at peak levels.

For load balanced solutions, file replication is required to keep each server in sync. Liquid Web offers several managed file replication solutions to make this process simple.

MFR_ OCFS2 Product Base

Managed File Replication via OCFS2

OCFS2 is a clustered file system and as such is ideal for situations where multiple servers need access to the same files without having a single point of failure.

Utilizing shared storage (such as a SAN), it can be used for many general computing tasks where shared clustered storage is required or a benefit to the operation of the system

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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Our teams are here throughout your build, and most importantly, after you've launched.


We'll work with your team to understand your technical requirements and business goals.


Our Solutions Architects will build out and test your hosting environment based on your needs.


If you have infrastructure elsewhere, we'll migrate it for you to reduce the burden on your team.


Your account manager will ensure your hosting is online, secure, and optimized; proactively working with support.


As your business grows, we'll be right here to make recommendations to keep your hosting at peak performance.