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Enterprise Class Servers and redundant infrastructure are vital to mission critical operations. High performance hardware is engineered to deliver maximized throughput, application reliability, and much greater speeds, while redundant power supplies can prevent downtime should a power failure arise. In addition, out-of-band management via IPMI gives you direct access to your hardware as if you were standing right next to it.

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High Performance Hardware

One of the most important factors of an Enterprise Class Server is the quality of the hardware you find inside. While we offer Seagate Constellation hard drives by default with all of our dedicated servers (which offer superior performance and durability compared to normal, desktop grade hard drives), we also offer a wide range of flash storage options. From single SSDs and Fusion IO drives to large RAID arrays, we have the hardware options and high speed RAID cards you need to support your storage.

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Redundant Power Options

Dual Power Supply

Dual power supplies provide enhanced redundancy and increased reliability by ensuring your server will always be online. In the event of one power supply failing, one or more independent power supplies are able to power your entire system on their own, ensuring your mission critical operations can continue uninterrupted.

A/B Power

Server reliability can be further enhanced by plugging each power supply into separate circuit breakers. This redundant protection can go even further with individual UPS units, or battery backup units, assigned to each power supply. This configuration is referred to as 1+1 or 2N redundancy. It provides long term hardware durability and double the protection from both a power supply failure and UPS failure.

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

With IPMI, our Enterprise customers can access their server remotely as if they were in the same room with it, whether or not the machine is powered on. Remote management is handled via baseboard controllers and an independent network connection that will always allow you to have full control of your server, even when the primary networking equipment is unusable. IPMI also enables options such as remote reboot, server shutdown and power on, hardware sensor monitoring, video output to a remote terminal, remote input via keyboard and mouse, access to local media drives, operating system installation, and access BIOS settings. Our IPMI remote server management is superior to Virtual Network Computing (VNC) as well as Secure Shell (SSH) because it works without software having to be installed on the remote system and it provides premium control over your hardware.

Benefits of IPMI:

  • Remote Access, Monitoring, and Logging
  • Standard Interface for Extending Management and Usage
  • Operational Across All Platforms and Configurations
  • Added Reboot Efficiency
  • Out-of-band Management

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