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As a web hosting business, your services are essential to other organizations who demand the best infrastructure for their websites. Nothing will lead to failure faster than subpar hosting services or lacking the features that businesses need to stay competitive.

Here we’ll look at issues that web hosting companies face and provide you with solutions for offering leading-edge services to the clients of your emerging hosting business through the Liquid Web Reseller Program.

Basic Web Hosting Needs

Let’s begin with a conversation about what any growing digital company needs to offer its clients as part of its web hosting business. No matter if you have an existing company and are looking to expand your services to include hosting or you’re a brand new hosting startup, the following features are must-haves for your clients:

  • Security: Cybersecurity is a major concern for your clients, regardless of their industry, and even more so in certain sectors like finance and healthcare. Protecting your clients’ data and giving them confidence in your ability to do so is critical if you’re going to run a successful hosting business. This also includes backups to keep their data secure.
  • Speed: Your hosting business doesn’t stand a chance if you can’t provide your customers with lightning-fast loading and function time.
  • Support: Clients will need help with everything from troubleshooting to account changes and package upgrades and you’ll need to ensure that you can provide adequate customer service via call centers, chatbots, and timely email inquiry responses.
  • Multiple Servers Across Various Locations: Duplicate servers are the first step in data protection, but a strong hosting company will offer another layer of security in the event of a natural disaster by offering multiple data centers.
  • Strong Uptime: Clients won’t tolerate downtime for their sites and your hosting business won’t get off the ground if you don’t have the technology in place to ensure consistent and reliable uptime.
  • Packages of Bundled Services: The ability to offer flexibility to your clients is a must for a successful web hosting company. You’ll want to offer a variety of packaged services to choose from with easy options for upgrading or downgrading as your clients scale their businesses.
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Challenges for Web Hosting Businesses

Challenges for Web Hosting Businesses

While this all makes good sense because these are the same features you’ve wanted in your own current or previous hosting companies, the ability to offer this range of services isn’t always as simple as it seems. Web hosting businesses face challenges in getting set up and staying afloat, some of which include:

  • Dealing with multiple physical and digital vendors for tasks like maintenance, updates, and other technical aspects of running your hosting business
  • Being able to harness AI technology to automate basic functions of your business to free up your time and keep you from being bogged down by administration
  • Lack of support from your reseller or other key vendors

The Liquid Web Reseller Program

As web hosting experts, we fully understand the pain points of new or growing hosting businesses and we have the experience and knowledge to eliminate them. The Liquid Web Reseller Program makes the business of web hosting easy and straightforward to navigate and maintain. We offer features that you won’t see from just any web hosting reseller — we’re industry leaders with more than 20 years of experience.

Our full-service features include the following that make it simple to start or improve your hosting services:

Your hosting business is unique. No matter how you approach the web hosting industry, whether that’s purchasing a dedicated server or VPS to sell hosting accounts, or selling cloud-dedicated VPS products, Liquid Web’s Reseller Program sets you up for success.

Our team is proud of our proven track record as a web hosting reseller that has a growing reputation as the definitive industry leader. Liquid Web is different from our competitors because we pair people with technology for a personalized approach to what is typically a faceless industry. This human-centered mindset is what sets us apart and what will give your web hosting business a competitive advantage when you partner with us. After all, we’re proud to say that Liquid Web’s support team members are The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™.

If you need more evidence on the strength of our services, take a look at the fact that we are consistently ranked #1 for dedicated servers, serve more than 30,000 customers, and have 1 million sites managed under our umbrella. With more than 500 support technicians (including Level 3 technicians) and engineers on our team, you can count on Liquid Web to support your hosting company whether you’re just getting started or already well established. Contact our team for a consultation and to learn more about our Reseller Program and how we can help your hosting business thrive as an industry leader.

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