Kick 8 Pervasive Cloud Myths and Misconceptions to the Curb

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Moving to the cloud offers your business several benefits such as improved performance, functionality, and scalability. However, many businesses still aren’t taking advantage of cloud hosting. 

This may be because there are several misconceptions surrounding the cloud that make it seem unmanageable. 

In this guide, you’ll learn more about common cloud myths and see that every business, including yours, can experience the advantages of moving to the cloud.

Cloud Misconceptions 

Let’s take a closer look at eight cloud myths that could be keeping you from experiencing all the benefits of the cloud.

Myth 1: You Haven’t Been on the Cloud

The first cloud myth originates from the assumption that cloud technology is a cutting-edge technology you haven’t used yet. 

However, this is far from true. Almost everyone uses cloud storage or cloud computing in their daily lives. 

If your business uses Google Cloud apps (such as Google Docs), Dropbox online storage, or a CRM like Salesforce, then you’re already using the cloud to store company-related information and facilitate work.

Myth 2: Your Data Won’t be Safe on the Cloud

One of the longest-standing myths about cloud hosting is that your information won’t be safe when it’s stored on the cloud. It can be intimidating to move from physical on-site servers you protect to a cloud environment where your host manages security.

Your Data Won’t be Safe on the Cloud

However, the most reliable and longstanding cloud providers have teams fully dedicated to protecting your information and monitoring for potential threats. 

Liquid Web’s fully managed cloud hosting plans use industry-leading network protection and offer vulnerability management and advanced threat detection to keep your information safe.

Myth 3: Cloud Will Skyrocket Your Business or Change the Way You Work 

Cloud infrastructure offers many benefits, but simply upgrading to the cloud won’t automatically catapult your profits or drastically change your business structure overnight. 

Realistic benefits of switching to the cloud include:

  • Cost savings.
  • Improved user experience on your website.
  • Ability to scale resources more efficiently.
  • Increased server uptime.
  • Improved security and faster disaster recovery.

Reduced costs coupled with better performance and increased agility can help you improve your profit margins over time.

In this manner, the cloud has the potential to increase your revenue, but you still need to market your business and drive traffic to your website.

Myth 4: Migrating and Managing Your Website on the Cloud is Complicated

Another myth about the cloud is that cloud migration and website management remotely from the cloud are complicated. 

This is not surprising as managing your website involves several tasks:

  • You must ensure your website has cloud security.
  • You must regularly back up your website files. 
  • If you use a CMS like WordPress, you must frequently update your theme, plugins, and WordPress itself. 

However, you can free up your to-do list by opting for a managed hosting solution. 

With managed hosting, your cloud hosting provider takes over the responsibility of your backend IT infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Choosing Managed WordPress from Nexcess, one of the Liquid Web Family of Brands, means choosing hosting optimized for WordPress out of the box with smart monitoring tools to keep it that way.

Myth 5: Moving to the Cloud Will Negatively Impact Your SEO

It’s a cloud myth that migrating to the cloud will make your website disappear from search engines. 

On the contrary, a reliable cloud hosting solution can boost your SEO performance by improving your website speed and reducing downtime, which signals to search engines that you offer a positive user experience.

Myth 6: Your Business is Not Big Enough for the Cloud

Cloud solutions offer several benefits regardless of your business size. 

For example, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans on the cloud are perfect for businesses that want their own server but are too small for a dedicated hosting setup. 

VPS server environments are cost-effective and fully customizable, which also makes them appropriate for companies that host multiple websites or require more customization of their server environments.

Alternatively, if you’re a growing business that needs isolation of resources physically while providing the power of the cloud, then you can opt for a dedicated cloud hosting plan that comes with instant deployment and infrastructure resources that can help you scale.

Myth 7: Cloud Migration and Computing is Too Expensive

Many business owners worry that cloud computing costs will be more expensive than their budget allows. However, cloud adoption can result in cost savings as it can reduce the total cost of ownership.

For starters, if you use a cloud platform, you only pay for the resources you use. You can easily scale those resources as needed, which means you never pay more than required. Also, you reduce the workloads of your IT team by having a cloud provider manage the infrastructure.

Cloud migration isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Liquid Web offers transparent and predictable pricing, so you always know your monthly expenses.

Myth 8: Downtime During Migration is Unavoidable

Downtime during cloud migration is a big concern. An inactive website means a potential loss of revenue. 

You can avoid that by proper planning. Look at your analytics and determine when your website gets the least amount of visitors. Our specialists can then perform the migration during those off-peak hours.

Final Thoughts: 8 Cloud Myths To Bust and Get Rid Of

For some business owners, the concept of cloud computing remains shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. 

It may seem like only large companies with expert IT departments can handle cloud migration. But the truth is that moving your website or data to the cloud doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated, or time-consuming. 

With the right provider, cloud infrastructure can ultimately improve your customer’s experience while providing you with business benefits such as cost savings, increased efficiency, and more robust security. 

With Liquid Web, you can get reliable, high-performance cloud hosting services plus expert customer support during and after migration. If you’re ready to scale your business and experience the benefits of the cloud, explore our cloud dedicated, bare metal cloud, and VPS hosting plans today.