David Singer

David Singer is a g33k blogger, writer, developer, perpetual student and current Supervisor for Liquid Web. His passion for all things tech, drives his search for all the cool things (can you say k8s?). He dreams of someday living somewhere warm and breezy while doing a little woodworking on the side and sharing cold pizza with his dog. He is college educated, comfortably situated and Southern by the grace of god... Follow him on Twitter @LW_DSinger or @g33kinfo.

The Private Cloud – A Perfect Space for Infinite Performance

Does your organization have a high need for security, privacy, and greater control of your data? If so, you may be interested in a private cloud, where all of the resources and infrastructure are designed specifically for your business. First, let’s take a look at what the cloud is and then, we’ll see if you […]

Understanding How Solid State Drives Work

A Little Background… All computers need a method to store, retrieve, and share digital information. This is usually accomplished via a hard drive. Hard drives store your data magnetically using one or more rapidly rotating disks or platters coated with magnetic material. The earliest hard drives were extremely large and very expensive. Currently, there are […]