Storm Platform Updates 2/25/13

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  • We have added IP Pools which provides customers with the ability to reserve IP addresses for future use. This is particularly useful when destroying and recreating servers without having to worry about losing the previous IP and change all prior DNS records to point to a new IP address. New IP pools can be created via the create page in the interface.
  • Addressed a race condition in which a backup could possibly be deleted during a restoration if it was scheduled to be removed at that time. Backups will no longer be removed while they are being utilized for any restore operations.
  • New Windows drivers have been included in templates and are being delivered to existing servers to improve Windows performance and stability.
  • Added pagination to the support page for support request display.
  • Fixed issues on the support page of the interface which in some cases would break navigation and result in improper redirection to the home page.
  • Addressed a bug which caused exFAT partitions to block some operations, such as clone, run against Windows servers.
  • Updated templates for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 with Plesk.
  • Addressed a bug which could in some cases cause incorrect refunds when destroying HPBS volumes.
  • Various bugfixes and updates.

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