Our Quality Assurance Team Puts Us to the Test

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We often talk about our customer-facing departments, such as our Sales and Support teams, and how they work around the clock to provide Heroic Support. However there is another side to Liquid Web that rarely has the opportunity to interface with customers, but is just as vital to our day to day operations. Quality Assurance, or QA, is one such department.

Our QA Team tests all of our newly developed internal or external products, such as software or infrastructure tools, prior to their launch to ensure we are creating the highest quality and most valuable products. Every product this team tests must be studied in great detail and tested thoroughly to find potential holes in logic, see how it interacts with other products and how it will affect our customers.

Their approach can be described as questioning every product – looking for all potential fallacies in order to assess its quality. In addition to executing scripted tests, which are sets of instructions that make sure each product functions as expected, our team uses context-driven testing. This method focuses on providing value in testing and first looks at the detail of a specific situation, such as the desires of the future user (i.e. another department at Liquid Web or our customers). With context-driven testing, our QA Team thinks about the customer’s needs first and provides information to our developers to make sure the products fits those needs.

“Testing is all about learning. It’s all about learning how the software does act, learning how it should act, and learning how it will be used to fill the needs of our customers,” QA Manager Wade Wachs said. “In order to test a product successfully, you need to know why the software was created.”

Quality Assurance is an important extension of our Heroic Promise. Through rigorous investigation, thorough questioning and the goal of a happy customer, they keep Liquid Web on track as we continuously strive to provide better services to our customers. The QA Team supplies information that helps us provide our customers top of the line hosting products and excellent 24/7/365 Heroic Support.

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