Enterprises Now Using Liquid Web Infrastructure to Leverage Big Data With Hadoop

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Tapstream, an app marketing analytics company, utilizes Liquid Web’s unlimited resources to take advantage of one of the latest additions to our extensive list of services, Apache’s Hadoop. Tapstream provides feedback for app marketers and helps them acquire more users (and desired types of users) through a software that tracks which promotional methods are the most useful. Through the use of Hadoop, Tapstream has been able to combine, compare and find correlations amongst large datasets stored on clusters of Liquid Web’s servers.

With the placement of a simple JavaScript snippet on an app’s web pages, Tapstream ties each app download back to the original visit, revealing which external sites drive the best traffic. In addition, Tapstream also provides short links to extend the conversion tracking down to a single tweet, email or a Google or Facebook ad unit. Utilizing Hadoop’s ability to handle variable structure data from many sources allows Tapstream to provide extremely detailed analytics to their customers, a feature that has been the foundation of their success.

Hadoop, a Java-based programming framework, supports the processing of large datasets in a distributed computing environment. With Hadoop, Liquid Web customers like Tapstream can run applications on systems with thousands of nodes in “server farms” involving thousands of terabytes of information. Furthermore, Hadoop’s cloud computing principles split a task apart, automatically, and reassign it to Liquid Web’s server clusters. The possibilities for such a powerful service in this era of “Big Data” are endless and in addition to Tapstream, it is utilized by many computing giants such as Facebook, eBay, IBM, Yahoo, and Adobe.

To learn what you need to do to run Hadoop on your server, visit our Knowledge Base for an explanation.

Benefits of Utilizing Hadoop:

  • Designed to Process Large Datasets
  • High Availability
  • Dynamic Data Model
  • Has Run Clusters as Large as 100 Petabytes
  • Consolidate Datasets of All Sizes
  • Superior Analytics
  • Linearly Scalable
  • Advanced User Control
  • Collect & Analyzes Mass Amounts of Data
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Highly Regarded Business Intelligence Tool

The rise of “Big Data” in today’s world means organizations have more and more data at their fingertips, but may not be able to utilize the data to its full potential. The combination of Liquid Web’s extensive resources and Hadoop’s powerful software make it easy to handle the growing number of large and complex datasets, smoothly transitioning businesses into a future of even bigger data.

If you’d like to learn more about Hadoop and how it can become indispensable to your business, Live Chat or call our team at 1-800-580-4985.

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