What is in a Name? The Importance of Your Domain

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Domain names are the face of your website and are part of the make up of the Internet. In modern society, the domain for your website is now on your business card, registered to your social media accounts in marketing efforts, and serves as a general information spot on how people get to know your business. Your domain name is imperative. Which is why it’s crucial to be educated on what exactly a domain name is before you settle on such an important aspect of your site and company.

First things first, where did a domain name come from? Well, much like a social security number, your website has a number to which it is identified, known as your website’s IP address. As a Cloud Sites customer, your site has a Cloud Sites IP address. You know what’s a lot easier than introducing yourself as a string of numbers? A name. Think of your domain as your website’s birth name, because an original and captivating name will get the attention of your audience in a lot more of a positive and memorable light, as opposed to the string of numbers making up your IP address.

When creating a website’s domain name it’s important to keep the title short, but relevant and descriptive. Creating a long domain defeats the purpose of replacing a difficult-to-remember string of numbers, so keep it to the point while making sure that it is appealing. Definitely make it unique, because far too many times similar domain name confusion keeps away important potential customers. Always keep in mind that your website domain name is a direct extension of how your company and website want to be represented.

On a more in depth point in regards to marketing your website, you must know how your domain name will directly impact the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. In years past, trends have pointed domain name choices in the direction of keywords. This was believed to be a boost in click-through rates (CTR) leading to an improved SEO. However, as the Internet changes, so do the trends. In recent studies, it has been shown that choosing a brandable domain may be more effective than an industry-specific, keyword-focused name.

Your brand is everything to your company. When customers are searching for your services, your domain name represents your entire brand. This is how your company will stand out and survive in the endless pool of websites, which will lead your website to an established level of SEO. It is in your best interest to focus your domain name on something that is memorable, short, easy to spell, and obviously relevant to what you wish to represent.

With these tools and updated information to assist you in perfecting your domain name, your business will truly be a force to be reckoned with. Just like Cloud Sites by Rackspace. For more information about Cloud Sites, please visit us at cloudsitesblog.liquidweb.com or comment below!

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