Cloud Sites Announces Microsoft SQL 2014 Release

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Cloud Sites by Rackspace is proud to announce the release of Microsoft SQL 2014 to Cloud Sites customers. This offering will be available with numerous brand new technical features, helpful enhancements, and improved performance.


General performance improvements in the SQL DB Engine update will be assisted by a new design for cardinality estimation. The cardinality estimation logic has been re-designed in SQL Server 2014 to not only to improve the quality of query plans, but also to enhance query performance.

Within this updated offering comes new columnstore indexes features, including clustered columnstore indexes. It is recommended to use a clustered columnstore index to improve data compression and query performance for data warehousing workloads, which primarily perform bulk loads and read-only queries. What’s also convenient about the new columnstore index is that is comes with the SHOWPLAN feature. This feature displays necessary information about the columnstore indexes.

Additionally, alter index presents Rebuild with a new COLUMNSTORE_ARCHIVE data compression option, which further compresses the specified partitions of a columnstore index.

SQL Server 2014 also introduces the ability to reduce application latency by designating some, or all. transactions as delayed durable. A delayed durable transaction is a feature that returns control to the client before the transaction log record is written to disk resulting in a more responsive transaction.

Included in this new SQL offering, you will now be able to manage the lock priority of online operations. This provides options permitting you to specify how long the rebuild process should wait for the necessary locks. Whether it is high or low priority, this also provides more control for the user by permitting you the option to configure the termination of blocking processes related to the aforementioned rebuild.

Your Cloud Sites by Rackspace team is always listening to our customer necessities and concerns. We’re proud to announce the Microsoft SQL 2014 offering, and we look forward to how it can provide improvement to all of our clients and their websites. For more information about Cloud Sites please visit us at or leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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