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Kerri Molitor

Kerri Molitor has more than 6 years of experience in Marketing, Communications, and Journalism. Her goal at Liquid Web is to create real, valuable content that helps our current and potential customers. Her passions include writing content that engages with our customers in a personal way and helps ease their pain points.

Best Practices for Mobile Friendly Web Design

If you ignore mobile when designing websites, you'll lose visitors. Follow these mobile friendly web design best practices for your clients' sites!
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Web Hosting Reviews Site “HostingAdvice.com” Talks to Liquid Web About Heroic Support

HostingAdvice.com recently reached out to Liquid Web to talk about Liquid Web’s legacy of Heroic Support and the high-performing products.
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Optimizing Images for Responsive Design

Optimizing images for responsive design requires images to quickly scale to fit desktop, tablet, & phone screen sizes either though code or HTML markup.
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4 Ways to Optimize Your VPS

Even if your VPS seems to be running smoothly, it is always a good time to take a closer look for potential ways to optimize your VPS. Find out how.
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What is Block Storage?

While local storage keeps all data locally on your server, block storage separates that data out into a high-speed, centralized, redundant storage cluster.
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Log Storage: A Cloud-Based Log Management Tool

Log Storage allows customers to view, search, analyze, and manage all of their logs across multiple servers in one convenient location.
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Let the Professionals Help: Six Solutions to Help Secure Your Server

From DDoS attacks to phishing scams and malware, your business is under a constant threat from malicious attacks. Stay secure with these six solutions.
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