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Log Storage: A Cloud-Based Log Management Tool

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Evaluating your server’s log files can help immensely when diagnosing issues and storing those files is often required for security and compliance purposes, however the sheer number of files can be overwhelming. Enter Log Storage, a cloud-based log management tool that offers simplified management of your server logs. Log Storage allows customers to view, search, analyze, and manage all of their logs across multiple servers in one convenient location. A unique offering when combined with the full scope of management of our 24/7/365 Support, Log Storage is also easy to set up and operate.

Log Storage Features

  • Manage All Logs in a Centralized Environment
  • Isolate and Analyze Trends
  • Improve and Fine Tune Searching Ability
  • Stop Potential Issues Before They Occur

Our Support team developed Log Storage by combining the most useful elements of several different applications in order to create a product specific to the needs of our customers. Logs are directly transmitted to our centralized cloud storage cluster, which is a specific type of web cluster, from any location chosen by the customer, where they are available for enhanced search, management, or analysis. We offer a plans that come with 30 GB, 60 GB, 150 GB, and 300 GB of storage.
Liquid Web Log Storage User Interface
Many of our customers have found a myriad of benefits to utilizing Log Storage in their day to day operations. One such customer, EchoDitto, has used Log Storage to manage their large cluster of web servers.

“We found it especially useful when trying to follow patterns or IP addresses behind our load balanced cluster of web servers,” explained Senior Systems Administrator Alan Ivey of EchoDitto. “Otherwise we’d have to have multiple terminals open and hope we didn’t overlook something when comparing each window.”

Log Storage is perfect for customers who have hosting environments that generate a large number of events and often find themselves searching through logs looking for particular information. Log Storage also makes it much easier for customers to quickly find and repair potential issues or problems, spot trends in usage, search for malicious activity, or simply store a large amount of logs for security or compliance reasons. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Log Storage to simplify your log management, let us know!

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