Melanie Kreh

Vice President, Targeted Marketing and Customer Analytics

Melanie believes that when you know who your customer is and what is important to them, you are ahead of the game in selling and supporting them. It’s a philosophy that drives her passion in leading Customer Segmentation, Analytics and Targeted Marketing for Liquid Web.

Working with communications and technology companies (IBM, Sprint, Cbeyond, Birch) for over two decades, Melanie has held roles in product management, product development, marketing, strategic planning, engineering and finance. Her broad base of experience and an ability to command diverse sets of issues and challenges gives Melanie unique expertise in applying customer insights into strategy and marketing efforts for lead generation, retention and upsell.

Outside of work, Melanie is an avid tennis player and runner. Melanie has run the New York City Marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC., countless 5K’s, 10k’s and four triathlons. Known to do a race on a moment’s notice … another one may be in her near future.