Carrie Wheeler

Chief Operations Officer, Head of Support

Relationships are more important than sales. A controversial statement? Not at all - at least not to the person in charge of Liquid Web’s vast and critical support department. Providing incredible customer support has always been a priority at Liquid Web. We were founded on that simple premise and Carrie is committed to honoring this promise to both our customers and our employees.

Carrie’s background has given her a unique perspective on how to combine excellent products and services. During her 25 years of experience in technology, telecommunications, hosting, and cloud services (at MCI, AT&T, and Cbeyond to name a few) she has served many roles in both Information Technology and Customer Operations. Through this experience she has learned the importance of providing the best service while delivering technical capabilities to business customers. Carrie recognizes that Liquid Web customers and Liquid Web employees are all in this together - and she knows that providing exceptional service is about building a relationship between the two. Her number one goal at Liquid Web is to continue cultivating “fans” and allowing our support team to act as extensions of our customers’ own teams.

Businesses across the world rely on Liquid Web’s services to be successful and that is an incredible responsibility, but one Carrie is ready and excited to take on.

Carrie’s favorite fictional character is Trinity from The Matrix because of her bad-ass-gets-things-done attitude, an attitude she tries to embody both at work and in her personal life. Carrie lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband John and daughter Elizabeth - and she loves both of them nearly as much as coffee.