Storm® Block Storage

Highly Available Block Storage in the Cloud

Storm® Block Storage (SBS) adds a layer of unprecedented versatility and flexibility to any application. By giving you the freedom to create and move block storage volumes completely separated from your instances within just a few clicks, we’ve created a storage product that delivers the highest performance to your cloud infrastructure.

Create a Block Storage Volume

Available from 150 GB to 15 TB

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Highly Available & Redundant Storage

We have engineered SBS® across a distributed architecture, allowing high and consistent I/O throughput. This creates a high speed, cost-effective alternative to building additional instances or provisioning backups that exceed the needs of individual applications.

The design of SBS® also eliminates the need to RAID together volumes to achieve maximum performance - an issue encountered by many users of Block Storage alternatives.

Deploy Instant Storage Volumes

Storm® Block Storage makes it easier than ever to create an exceptional amount of storage from the Storm® Platform. This creates an ideal solution for critical data that requires high resiliency, as SBS® volumes are easily portable between servers and allow you to recover from a single server failure very quickly.

In the event of failure, the volume can be attached to a new server immediately without having to wait for recovery or data to copy to the new server.