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Backups are more than just a good idea - they’re a business requirement. Data loss and unplanned downtime affect businesses of all sizes every day — adding up to over $1.7 trillion dollars annually. The only way to ensure your business is protected is with a comprehensive backup solution you can rely in the case of disaster. We offer several backup strategies with multiple layers of protection, painless recovery options, and flexible scheduling.

Choose Your Product World

We have backup solutions tailored for each of our main product lines, our powerful Dedicated Servers and our flexible Storm (Cloud) Servers. However, don’t feel like you have to choose one or the other - our different solutions are often used in conjunction and can provide you with every layer of backup protection that you might need.

Cloud Server Backups

Our Storm Cloud Servers offer you the power of dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of cloud hosting - and come with a whole suite of basic and enterprise level backup features. These backup solutions work with our whole platform of Storm products.

Basic Storm Server Backups
Account-Level Backups Included Not Included
Backups on Your Schedule Included Not Included
Full-Server Backups Not Included Included
Automatic Daily Backups Not Included Included
On-Demand Backups Not Included Included
Whole Server Restoration Not Included Included
Bare-Metal Restoration of Full Server Image Not Included Included
Physically Isolated Storage Not Included Included
COST Free Starting at $12/mo
Login to Manage* *To order, login to Manage, select your existing server, and click “backup.” Backups can be configured for new servers as you order.

Dedicated Server Backups

Our powerful dedicated servers require a powerful backup solution. Included with all hosting plans is a local backup drive, but our fully-managed, robust Guardian Backup & Recovery solution includes so much more. Guardian can continuously capture your entire system configuration, depending on your server’s settings, to an off-site facility* for disaster recovery. Guardian uses replication, synchronization, and point-in-time snapshots to provide protection of your complete server environment, so our Sonar® Monitoring and Heroic Support® teams can recover your exact server configuration in the case of a catastrophic event.

Basic Guardian Backups
Dedicated Backup Drive Included Not Included
Incremental Backups Included Not Included
Off-Site Backups Not Included Included
Real-Time Backups Not Included Included
Bare-Metal Restoration Not Included Included
cPanel Administration Plugin Not Included Included
MySQL Database Plugin Not Included Included
Disk Safe Data Encryption Available Not Included Included
COST Free Starting at $25/mo

Choose Your Guardian Backup Storage & Features:

Storage MySQL
Microsoft SQL
Disk Safe
Data EncryptionC
Price / mo
100 GB Available Available Available Available $25 / mo
250 GB Available Available Available Available $50 / mo
500 GB Available Available Available Available $100 / mo
1000 GB Available Available Available Available $150 / mo
2000 GB Available Available Available Available $250 / mo
3000 GB Available Available Available Available $350 / mo
5000 GB Available Available Available Available $500 / mo
A - Linux only
B - Microsoft only
C - cPanel Plugin NOT Compatible
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Utilizing Your Guardian Backups

During normal operations, the Guardian agent keeps a record of disk changes and performs incremental backups for consistent, point-in-time, system-wide backup images. This method is less resource-intensive than traditional file-by-file options, and is done while the server is online at the lowest possible level (the sector level). Because Guardian uses sector-based backups that increase throughput and reduce overhead, your server can be fully operational and will experience minimal performance impacts. With our optional Disk Safe feature, we can safely store your backups by encrypting them on backup nodes in an off-site facility.* When necessary, restoring your servers is simple and fast with our bare metal recovery. Customers running Linux can easily manage their backups through our Guardian cPanel Plugin, accessible in the cPanel interface.

*Off-site disaster recovery is available in US Central Region.

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“Thank you again for everything. And to think I only just recently added Guardian back up. That probably made a huge difference. From finding the issue, to quickly taking the thing apart and back together again and restoring took relatively a very short amount of time and I appreciate the attention!” Scott Fell

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