Centralized Log Storage in the Cloud

Server logs provide a great deal of useful data that can be instrumental to the diagnosis of current and historical server issues. Log Storage allows you to store, monitor and manage your server logs. This useful management tool provides an easy-to-use interface to view, search, analyze and manage logs from your entire infrastructure, in one place. Our experienced technicians can help you set up Log Storage and get it integrated, optimally, for your hosting environment, as well as continuing to support it with our full scope of management for as long as you choose to utilize it.

How Does it Work?

We have combined the most useful elements of several different applications to help provide a centralized location to store all of your log files. Logs are transmitted to this repository, directly, from any location(s) you choose to include, and are processed and stored. The stored logs are then available for enhanced search, management, or analysis via an easy-to-use front end interface.

Is It Right For Me?

The ability to quickly search and manage logs provides a tremendous utility for users with environments that generate a large number of events. Customers that have used Log Storage have noticed how much easier it has made many tasks, including identifying potential issues following development, quickly finding and repairing problems, spotting trends in usage, as well as any number of additional jobs that are aided by enhanced access and control over logs. If you utilize CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu on your Linux server and you're curious how Log Storage may be able to help optimize your server's operation, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff for additional details regarding your specific needs.

Log Pricing

Avg. Volume Retention Price
1GB/day 30 Days $75/mo
2GB/day 30 Days $145/mo
5GB/day 30 Days $250/mo
10GB/day 30 Days $400/mo
*Archival storage available upon request

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