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We have built a reseller program based on offering the best possible management and service at every level. Customers looking to purchase our high performance dedicated servers have a unique opportunity to leverage their infrastructure into a useful and profitable hosting enterprise of their own. The spacious and option-rich environment of our state-of-the-art Michigan Data Centers and Arizona Data Centers allow us to offer resellers many different, greatly discounted, options that provide them with the means to generate profit from offering services of their own. Many web hosts offer reseller programs, but few can tout the stellar reputation for industry leading response times, customer SLA's, and management, as well as the world renown Heroic Support®, provided by Liquid Web™; guaranteeing highly trained technicians are immediately available, 24/7/365, to assist you in any way possible.

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Tiered Reseller Pricing

The more dedicated servers you resell, the more you’ll save every month.

$60 - $500 5%
$501 - $1000 7%
$1001 - $2000 9%
$2001 - $5000 12%
$5001 - $10000 17%
$10001 - $15000 19%
$15001+ 20%

Personal Attention from Liquid Web Heroes™

We work tirelessly to take the idea of management and support to a new level. In an era when many hosts are opting for the cheapest possible solution, our Heroic Support™ team is trained to take ownership of any issue a customer may have and spend as much time with them, one-on-one (or even bringing in additional team members, when helpful), as it takes to find a solution. Think of choosing a host in terms you would when choosing a college or a school for your children; the more time the teacher (support team member) is able to spend on each individual student (customers), the more valuable the experience and the more successful the outcome. The analogy doesn't end there, as our team is also taught to explain problems and solutions, as they fix them, in a manner that can be immensely valuable to resellers when they move forward and have the opportunity to pass that knowledge along to their own customers. With a number of additional questions and concerns that can come with running a Reseller Program, in addition to general quagmires that can pop up unexpectedly in any hosting environment, the more highly trained individuals dedicated to your account, the less downtime and lost business and revenue you will incur. Simply put, our happy customers, equal your happy customers.

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