“Expertise in WordPress” | Liquid Web Reduces Intelysis WordPress Load Time by 7.1 Seconds

We initially chose Liquid Web for their expertise in WordPress. Their ability to set up servers that were optimized specifically to support a WordPress site resulted in a heavy increase in speed and availability to our site.



The Pain Problem for Intelisys

Intelisys, the gold-standard provider of the “two-tier” telecommunications and cloud distribution model, took a great technological leap forward in 2012 when it entered the cloud services market headfirst. With these added capabilities came the added complexities of educating clients on a host of new services, as clients were increasingly relying upon Intelisys’ website and its related extensions and sites. In tandem with launching Intelisys Cloud Services University to address this need, the Intelisys website suddenly became a mission critical outpost for a new and rapidly growing market that nearly doubled online traffic for Intelisys. This placed an intensified importance on performance, as lost time loading pages meant losing customers.

How Liquid Web Helps

Improved site performance with managed WordPress puts Intelisys on Cloud 9.
Accelerating and optimizing the site for WordPress was priority one. After carefully listening to the clients’ needs, Liquid Web was able to migrate the WordPress-run site quickly and conveniently onto its Managed WordPress infrastructure, providing an ideal environment that immediately improved the site’s performance. To accomplish this, Liquid Web created load-balanced servers in a hybrid environment that optimized the use of both old and new code for Intelisys’ sites. One legacy server handled the older code while the primary sites that relied on the newer code featured two load-balanced servers to enhance the site’s core speed. Liquid Web’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) was also utilized, improving the website’s load time by taking all of the media (pictures, music, etc.) and distributing it to a worldwide caching network, effectively taking the workload off the server.
Immediate (and immense) reduction in page loads.
The changes instigated by Liquid Web’s engineers resulted in an immediate reduction in load time for by 7.1 seconds. Huge, considering that a recent Compuware study noted that a 6-second decrease in page load time resulted in a 74% increase in sales conversions for pages included in this test group. Through this new partnership, Intelisys now combines the control of a traditional server with leading cloud technologies, offering their customers a considerable array of managed or unmanaged, dedicated, shared, VPS or cloud solutions. If this technology services distributor -- one that teaches thousands of growing businesses about the cloud -- can trust its cloud services to Liquid Web, it speaks volumes toward the many managed solutions Liquid Web can offer to small and medium-sized business like yours.

Blue skies ahead: Liquid Web offers Intelisys major gains in speed and performance.

  • Migrated original run-site onto Managed WordPress infrastructure for immediate site performance improvements
  • Cut load times in half by reducing content size and conserving image space
  • Optimized updates designed to reduce resources required to operate site, and improve load time by 400 percent, significantly reducing abandonment rates