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“An incredibly good record of site uptime” – Generations Homecare System Relies on Liquid Web

Generations Homecare System Relies on Liquid Web Through 15+ Years of Growth

"Liquid Web enables us to promise our clients the best in the industry in terms of uptime, backup, and failover."

Lance Ferden, Co-Founder

Generations Homecare System
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Generations Homecare System is a best-in-class software application used by home health providers to manage their business operations. The company’s software and mobile applications help over 800 agencies in nine countries streamline their processes, ensure compliance, and elevate security standards in order to deliver compassionate, high-quality patient care.

When Generations, a solution by Integrated Database Systems, first launched in 2002, it was a locally installed scheduling program. In order to evolve the software into the cloud-hosted, enterprise-level management system it is today, they needed a technology partner who could help them scale reliably and securely.

Homecare Space Has Specialized Technology Needs

“We knew we needed a technology partner who would be up to the challenge of ensuring continued access to our software for a large number of people in many diverse geographic regions,” Lance Ferden, Co-Founder and President of Generations Homecare System said.

They had a few major criteria:

The first criterion was the security of the data center; they needed HIPAA-compliant security to keep patient data safe.

"We provide software-as-a-service in the highly regulated home health industry, so it’s of the utmost importance that we provide our clients with software that is data-secure and ensures privacy,” Lance said.

Also important, Generations needed a provider who could provide highly reliable uptime to minimize any disruptions to patient care.

“It’s extremely important to the success of our clients and the health and wellbeing of their clients — the individuals requiring care — that Generations sustain levels at or near 100% site uptime,” Lisa Ferden, Co-Founder and Vice-President of Generations Homecare System said.

Liquid Web fit all these criteria and more. When the team at Generations learned of Liquid Web’s reputation for stellar support, that sealed the deal. They became Liquid Web customers and have never looked back.

Liquid Web Delivers HIPAA-Compliance, Reliability, Backup, and Failover

Through more than 15 of their 18 years of growth, Generations has relied on Liquid Web for HIPAA-compliant hosting, plus backup and failover. The company uses a mixture of hosted and colocated servers as well as managed networking components like firewalls, switches, and load balancers to provide software-as-a-service to its established user base of tens of thousands of people around the world.

“Liquid Web enables us to promise our clients the best in the industry in terms of uptime, as well as backup and failover capabilities,” said Lance Ferden. “We’ve had an incredibly good record of site uptime, enabling our clients to use Generations without interruption and to provide their clients with the highest level of care.”

Generations is a company that knows the value of customer service. They have retained many of their early clients, in part, thanks to the company’s customer service commitment.

“We offer unlimited support and ongoing training, and don’t charge separate fees for these services,” Lisa Ferden said. “It’s important to us that our clients have the tools and training they need for success.”

So it’s no surprise that Generations cites responsive customer support as one of the biggest reasons they initially chose and continue to use Liquid Web.

“We have been with Liquid Web for over 15 years and, all along, the level of service we’ve received has given us the confidence to continue with Liquid Web as our needs increased,” said Lance Ferden. “We always receive a quick and knowledgeable response when questions arise.”

Generations Homecare Continues Innovating as Healthcare Changes

Currently, Generations is helping home healthcare agencies across the country gain compliance with new rules pertaining to Electronic Visit Verification, as set forth by the 21st Century Cures Act. They’ve become well known for their compliance focus, as well as their service and support, billing expertise, and, of course, their intuitive software, which interfaces with QuickBooks.

“We’re rewarded each and every day thanks to our brilliant team at Generations — many of whom have been with us since the early years. We’re also grateful to be able to provide value to an industry of passionate home care agencies, and a community of hardworking and dedicated agency owners, office administrators, and caregivers,” Lisa Ferden said.

Liquid Web has kept up every step of the way, enabling Generations to serve their customers with confidence.

“Liquid Web has been a valuable partner. Their service enables us to continue to grow and provide our clients with sophisticated and dependable software,” Lance Ferden said.

About Liquid Web

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Pain Points

When Generations Homecare decided to evolve from a locally installed scheduling software to a robust, cloud-based management system, they needed a technology partner who could help them achieve reliable, HIPAA-compliant hosting.

How Liquid Web Helped

The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™ provided scalable, reliable hosting and networking add-ons that helped Generations transition to the cloud and scale to a worldwide home health presence.