SUCCESS STORIES: Factory Direct Craft

“Able to meet our needs through 13x growth.” | Factory Direct Craft Scales With Liquid Web

Liquid Web Helps Factory Direct Craft Evolve from Catalog to eCommerce

"Liquid Web has been able to meet [our] needs as we grow."

Jarrod Christman, CTO

Factory Direct Craft
In the early 80’s, Shari Doggett was eager to help support her young family. It was in this pursuit that Shari began selling napkins and placemats at local flea markets. This endeavor would eventually become Factory Direct Craft. Since then, Shari’s enterprise has grown exponentially, taking her business from flea markets to a warehouse with over 70,000 square feet from which her team fulfills orders from customers all over the world.

“Eventually, Shari’s vision evolved into its own craft distribution company,” says Jarrod Christman, the company’s Chief Technology Officer. “Originally catalog based, it then transitioned to an eCommerce company. Over the years, the product selection has expanded as well, with over 40,000 items available.”

As Factory Direct Craft has expanded, Shari’s commitment to customer satisfaction has only deepened. Every single order that leaves Factory Direct Craft’s warehouse in Ohio is sent with a handwritten note of thanks, a true testament to how much they value their customers.

Expansion Powered by Liquid Web

Factory Direct Craft has relied on Liquid Web for 11 years to rise to the demands of their continued success.

“As a company, we have grown sales by 13x since the early days of being with Liquid Web,” says Christman. “As such, our traffic has increased dramatically, and a proper hosting solution is needed. Liquid Web has been able to meet these needs as we grow.”

Solutions That Work

Since Factory Direct Craft’s evolution to an eCommerce site, the customer base has become international. With valued customers all over the world, uptime is key for maintaining Factory Direct Craft’s devotion to excellence.

“This means that our customers are looking at purchasing with us at any point during the day, on any day of the week,” says Christman.

With uptime being of utmost importance, Liquid Web stepped in with our High Availability solution and Managed Engineering solutions to ensure that downtime is never a problem for Factory Direct Craft and the worldwide customers they serve.

Our High Availability hardware environment ensures that businesses stay up and running, offering upgrades with no downtime and as little interruption as possible in the event of hardware failure. This ensures uptime so businesses can keep growing.

Seamless Support

When comparing Liquid Web to other hosting companies and their solutions, Factory Direct Crafts knew they needed support as the company grows. And they were eager to partner with a hosting company with the ability to resolve issues quickly, should they arise.

“For us, the main edge Liquid Web has over other hosting companies is the customer service,” says Christman. “We are able to call and get a quick resolution at any time or on any day of the week.”

With You as You Grow

At Liquid Web, we believe in the vision of our customers. Shari Doggett’s journey with Factory Direct Craft is an inspiring one.

“Working with Liquid Web,” says Christman, “we have been able to keep our site performing fast and responsive.”

We are thrilled to offer tools, customer service, and resources that allow Shari and her team to expand and grow, wherever the journey may take them.

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Pain Points

Factory Direct Craft needed a technology partner that could support them with high availability managed hosting as they expanded from a small home goods catalog to a massive craft supply eCommerce store.

How Liquid Web Helped

The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting® provided managed, high-availability hosting to ensure downtime is never a problem for Factory Direct Craft’s worldwide customer base.