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Debunking 4 Myths on Shared IP vs Dedicated IP Addresses

Shared IP gets a bad rap when it can be beneficial. We debunk four common IP myths surround shared IP vs dedicated IP addresses.
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Effective Storage Strategies for SMB Workloads

Over the years we’ve developed an SMB storage reference architecture that’s vendor agnostic and has been highly effective in cost-effectively delivering optimal performance for most SMB workloads.
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Liquid Web’s Joe Oesterling Discusses the Rise of Web-Dependent Businesses in Forbes

Our very own CIO Joe Oesterling sits down with Forbes to discuss the rise of web-dependent businesses and what the future may look like.
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CEO Jim Geiger on the Impact of Web Hosting on Small Businesses

Liquid Web's CEO, Jim Geiger, recently wrote about the factors that small and medium-sized businesses should ask about when choosing a web host.
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