5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

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Business owners, web developers, and digital agencies spend time and money building their companies and brands. As a result, some spend as much time on their web presence as they do anything else. But are they spending as much time considering their web hosting provider and the role hosting plays in their success?

Whether you are just starting out or are a well-established corporation, reliable web hosting is necessary. Therefore, knowing what to look for in a web hosting provider is imperative. This guide offers five reasons why your website needs reliable web hosting and why your chosen provider matters. 

5 Reasons You Need a Reliable Web Hosting Provider For Your Website

What is a web hosting business if its customers can’t rely on them? A reliable web hosting provider has several key advantages, from improved website performance to enhanced security and customer support. So, let's learn why web hosting and a reliable provider are vital to your website's success.

1. Enhance Your Website Performance

Your website’s performance is crucial to your business's success. If your pages load slowly and downtime is consistent, visitors become frustrated, and revenue is lost.  According to Atlassian, “an Avaya report – found that average [cost of downtime] ranged from $2,300 to $9,000 per minute depending on factors like company size and industry vertical.” Not only do developers need to streamline code to ensure the website performs, but a worthwhile hosting provider can help enhance your website’s performance.

Reliable hosting providers help ensure your site’s underlying infrastructure is secured and optimally running. They do this by monitoring your environment's hardware, network, and power and handling any issues. In addition, they provide a secure facility, ensuring no one has physical access to server hardware.

The hosting provider gives you options for your immediate needs and future growth. Reliable providers know that solutions are not a one-and-done situation. They should have the capacity to offer hosting add-ons and more sophisticated solutions.

2. Improve Your Website Security

Security is a top priority for businesses handling sensitive information. In fact, a recent study by Astra shows the average cost of a data breach reached $4.35 million in 2022, with a new cyberattack launched every 39 seconds. And the problem is only expected to get worse. These statistics highlight the need for a hosting provider offering comprehensive security services to protect against common threats.

Reliable web hosting alleviates worrying about what providers should handle while they provide tools that help with things you manage. In other words, while website security is your responsibility, you must lean on your provider for updates and patches to the software under their management. Also, having adequate security at the network level stops most cyberattacks before they reach your servers.

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3. Save on Long-Term Costs

A widespread phrase says you get what you pay for. This saying is as true of web hosting as it is with fashion, food, and anything else. Consequently, while settling for a less expensive solution may appeal to the budget, fixing issues that cheaper hosting may cause costs more.

A reliable web hosting provider may not be the cheapest solution, but it saves money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary infrastructure changes, downtime due to migrations or outages, and other hidden costs unreliable providers cause. Hosting providers worth your business consult with you to ensure your environment best fits your needs. And if you have to start smaller and upgrade later, they provide you with a clear growth path so you know the road ahead.

4. Obtain Better Customer Support

The fact is that issues do arise with any hosting provider or solution that you have. Component failures, reaching storage capacities, and oversaturating CPU and RAM resources are but a few growing pains that cause issues for organizations.

Companies of any size care how and how quickly those issues get rectified. Ultimately, the technical support given by your hosting provider, like Liquid Web, determines the degree of reliability ascribed to them.

Reliable customer support from your web hosting provider means you get prompt and efficient service around the clock. It means you get knowledgeable technicians seeking to understand and fix your problems, giving you thorough answers if a resolution is not immediately reachable. Above all, they should address issues and concerns as quickly as possible, keeping you updated every step of the way. 

5. Disaster Recovery Solutions

Natural disasters, hardware failures, and user errors happen all the time. Here are some examples of such events:

  • Natural disasters include hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornados, and wildfires.
  • Hardware failures include hard drives, CPUs, RAM, network interface cards (NIC), and power supplies.
  • User errors include accidentally deleting files, pushing code updates without testing or backing up previous versions, and intentional or unintentional human-caused threats.

Unfortunately, these and other events cause data loss and system downtime. However, enterprises or small businesses gain valuable time, money, and data protection with a proper backup and disaster recovery strategy and solution.

Reliable providers offer web hosting solutions that include appropriate backups. Whether making changes to your website or safeguarding records, reliability in a provider is something companies can’t do without. In addition, business owners get the peace of mind that comes from knowing their website files, content, and sensitive data are backed up in the event disaster strikes. 

Final Thoughts on Reliable Web Hosting

A web hosting business is defined by what services and solutions they bring to the table. They must help customers enhance their website performance, improve upon website security, receive better customer service, save money, and implement functional disaster recovery solutions. Truly reliable web hosting providers offer a vast spectrum of benefits to make your website and overall business as successful as possible.

If you are ready to take your website and web hosting experience to the next level, consider investing in reliable web hosting services. Liquid Web has a proven track record over the past 25 years for being a hosting provider businesses of all sizes can count on.

The Liquid Web suite of managed hosting solutions fits your business, regardless of stage. Contact the sales team today to discuss your needs and determine what’s best.

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