10 Tips to Guide Your Password Security

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At Cloud Sites, the stability of your websites is incredibly important to us. On our end, we are constantly researching on how we can perform better, as your team, and ensure that you have the best functioning website in the market. However, since we cannot control everything, it’s important that a few extra steps are taken on the front end. One of the best traits you can possess as a website owner, is a strength in password security. To assist you in making stronger password choices, here are a few necessary tips to help you strengthen the security of your site.


Know How to Get Hacked

Hackers are everywhere, and they are constantly looking for your password vulnerabilities to attack. There are a few programs used by hackers to make password cracking a nearly effortless task. To protect your passwords, here are a few trends to avoid:

  1. Consecutive keyboard combinations, for example, “zxcvb” or “qwerty”
  2. Stay away from trending slang phrases or words spelled backwards
  3. Your first name, your family name, or names of your husband, kids, pets, etc.
  4. No personal information, like your birthday or age.
  5. Never recycle old passwords or use the same password for multiple accounts.

These are all great helpful hints to keep you away from being hacked, which can often lead to an even worse turn of events, like identity theft. Something to also keep in mind is that we live in a world that is essentially run by the internet, meaning, there is no such thing as privacy. Be careful what information you put on social networking sites. Take a moment and think, are the answers to those great security questions you use when you click on “forgot password” available through the information shared on social media accounts? Because I guarantee hackers are watching.


Know How to Make Them Secure

There are plenty of obvious ways to maintain your password security. For example, don’t use the same password for every account you possess, don’t let anyone watch you enter your password, and always log off of your account if you leave your computer around or are on a public network. However, here are a few extra helpful points to assist you in making a more secure password choice:

  1. Use your keyboard as a template to create shapes. This will be easy for you to remember and create a more complicated password.
  2. Phrases using symbols like a smile face “:)” instead of using the word happy, or replace the word “to” to “2”. This can make your password more difficult to guess by playing around with short codes or phrases.
  3. We recommend using at least twelve characters of interchangeable lower case, upper case, symbols, and numbers within your password. The longer, the better.
  4. Always check the strength of your password. Most sites allow for a password analyzer to communicate how strong or weak your password may be. Definitely pay attention to the analyzer and alter your password accordingly.
  5. And lastly, consider investing in a password manager. With fatal viruses like Heartbleed still on the tip of everyone’s tongue, it’s more important now than ever to take all necessary measures. These password managers use multiple forms of encryption to ensure that your passwords are even harder to crack.

The security of your site is incredibly important to your Cloud Sites team. On our end, we are doing everything in our power to protect your websites. These tips, in addition to the protection we are able to provide, are the best way to fend off hackers through password security.

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