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High Performance Server Configurations can protect your business from unexpected server crashes, lost data, and lengthy downtime. They provide increased security, flexibility, availability, and performance for customers whose hosting needs have grown rapidly or whose websites have seen significant traffic spikes. Our technicians have carefully designed each configuration with full redundancy through scalable server clustering to provide failover in the event of increased traffic or error. Discover the power of a high performance environment with on-demand scalability, reliable load balancing, and unmatched availability, and secure your data like never before.

Unlimited Server Configurations

Possible server configurations might include multiple servers managed by redundant load balancers, all protected by redundant firewalls. This setup effectively prevents any lapse in service for those applications that can’t afford any amount of downtime. In addition, a High Availability MySQL Cluster can easily manage database services from behind a managed Private Switch for data intensive solutions. With our High Performance Server Configurations, the possibilities are truly endless.

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Liquid Web High Availability enhances performance in many web-based applications, such as:

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