Monitoring Your Server 24/7

Sonar Monitoring™

Our Sonar Monitoring™ team is a dedicated division of Liquid Web™, solely focused on providing service reliability and immediate incident resolution. Our Sonar Monitoring™ team utilizes a robust set of proprietary system level health and service monitoring tools to constantly ensure your server's optimal performance through early detection of problems. In the event that an issue is identified, our Sonar Monitoring Team™ responds immediately, reducing downtime and repairing any issues proactively, in many cases before the client is even aware of the problem.

Sonar Service Restoration Notifications

Your server's management level determines how you are alerted to a potential problem.

Fully Managed

Managed server alerts are automatically responded to by a member of our 24/7/365 Sonar Monitoring team within minutes. The team works to restore the service, identify and correct cause of the failure, and then sends a report about what they found and any suggested configuration changes.


Core Managed

Core-managed server alerts are also automatically responded to by our 24/7/365 Sonar Monitoring team, but with a reduced number of services monitored. The service will be restored and the cause identified, and a report is sent about what was found and any suggested configuration changes.


Self Managed

Self-managed servers include e-mail alerts from our monitoring servers at the first sign of a problem. Rest easy knowing that any service failure on your server will be found within 5 minutes of the failure, and you will be immediately alerted.

Simplicity is Key

Each of our service checks is meant to be as simple as possible, ensuring we catch a wide variety of system and programmatic errors. With our checks, everything from firewall irregularities to journal inconsistencies can be detected as soon as they happen, often allowing us to fix the problem before you or your customers notice it.

Service Port Command-line equivalent to our check Positive Response
ping N/A /bin/ping -n -U -w 10 -c 5 [server-ip] Any response
Apache / IIS 80 telnet [server-ip] 80, GET / HTTP/1.
cPanel 2082 telnet [server-ip] 2082, GET / HTTP/1.
SSH 22 telnet [server-ip] 22 Any response
Plesk 8443 telnet [server-ip] 8443 , GET / HTTP/1.
RDP 3389 telnet [server-ip] 3389 TCP OK
FTP 21 telnet [server-ip] 21 TCP OK
DNS 53 nslookup -sil [server-ip] Any response
SMTP 25 telnet [server ip] 25, helo, quit 220- ESMTP Exim
POP3 110 telnet [server-ip] 110 +OK Hello there.
MySQL** 3306 telnet [server-ip] 3306 TCP OK
MSSQL 1433 telnet [server-ip] 1433 TCP OK

Monitored Statistics

  • Load Averages
  • Memory
  • Running Processes
  • Disk Usage
  • Total Processes
  • Server Uptime

Prevention and Proactive Management

We focus on prevention of –as well as immediate response to– service interruptions, whether they be software, hardware or network-related. With the bulk of service failures being prevented prior to an occurrence and nearly all remaining service failures being corrected within minutes, the team operates as a persistent, proactive manager of client service consistency. Our Sonar Monitoring™ team is the primary reason we have been able to provide the industry's leading 30 minute hardware replacement SLA as part of our Heroic Promise.

Log into Sonar

See for yourself! For current Managed Dedicated Server customers, Sonar Monitoring™ is available through our Management Interface.

*  Restrictions Apply
** Must be requested on Windows Servers