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Liquid Web offers some of the best Managed Firewall options available. Our Hardware Firewalls ensure business resiliency by acting as the first line of defense protecting your servers from malicious Internet traffic. Liquid Web's hardware firewalls provide a strong degree of protection from attacks coming from the outside because they contain their own OS, and operate independently of the server/servers they were designed to protect.

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Traffic is processed by the firewall before it reaches your server. This means that threats are eliminated before they reach your server and the processing will not affect the performance of your primary server you wish to protect. Our adaptive network security solutions provide signature based intrusion prevention that automatically blocks malware, such as Trojan horses, worms, and spyware.

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Cisco Model Number Maximum Throughput Concurrent Connections Max VPN Throughput Redundancy IPSEC VPN User Sessions Starting Price
ASA 5506-X 750 MbpsA 20,000 100 Mbps No 50 MaxC $100/mo
ASA 5512-X 1.0 GbpsA / 500 MbpsB 100,000 200 Mbps No 250 MaxC $350/mo
ASA 5515-X 1.2 GbpsA / 600 MbpsB 250,000 250 Mbps Available 250 MaxC $450/mo
ASA 5545-X 3.0 GbpsA / 1.5 GbpsB 750,000 400 Mbps Available 2500 MaxC $950/mo
A - Throughput is measured with UDP under ideal conditions.
B - Traffic profiles consist primarily of TCP-based protocols/applications like HTTP, SMTP, FTP, IMAPv4, and DNS.
C - Each Cisco firewall includes 2 Bundled SSL VPN User Sessions. Cisco AnyConnect® or Clientless VPN User Sessions require additional licensing.

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