DDoS Attack Protection FAQ

Common questions and answers.

Are Liquid Web DDoS Fees Refundable?

No. Monthly Fees and Setup Fees for DoS Mitigation Services are non-refundable.

Why Does Liquid Web Offer Different Protection Packages?

DoS and DDoS attacks can vary dramatically in size from a few Megabits per second, to tens of Gigabits per second or larger.  The greater the size or volume of the attack, the greater the difficulty in preventing the attack from having a negative effect on the infrastructure that is being attacked. Liquid Web’s DDoS Attack Protection is sold in packages that provide peace of mind that Liquid Web will protect a subscribing customer's server from being negatively affected by an attack up-to the volume of subscription purchased.  If the attack exceeds the volume or size of protection purchased, Liquid Web reserves the right to null-route the traffic if the customer is unwilling or unable to purchase a DDoS Mitigation package large enough to stop the volume of attack that the customer is currently experiencing.  

Liquid Web will make all efforts to work with the customer, explain all possible options, and act in accordance with the customer's wishes.  However, due to the significant negative impact DDoS attacks can have on Liquid Web’s general operations (as well as the the operations of other Liquid Web customers) Liquid Web reserves the right to protect its network against these threats.

What Happens When a DDoS attack exceeds DDoS Mitigation Subscription Level?

When a customer is on a subscription but the attack is over quota, the following steps are taken:

  • Liquid Web will email the customer and alert them that they are under attack and exceeding their quota.
  • Liquid Web will advise customer that we are helping mitigate the issue as a courtesy because the customer is on a subscription plan. However, if the attack continues or increases we will need to explore other options.

If the attack continues or increases, the following actions are available:

  • Upgrade to next level of protection
    • Must pay for a Monthly Subscription level that will handle the volume of DDoS Attack the customer is currently experiencing.
    • Must pay for setup fee, minus setup fee already paid.
  • Null route your traffic so it doesn’t affect other users

What happens if I upgrade my subscription mid month?

To help understand how billing and protection work with a mid-month upgrade, we've put together the following scenario:

  • First of the month, a customer purchases 2Gb of protection for $500/month with a one-time $500 setup fee.
  • On the 15th of the month, the customer receives 4Gb DDoS attack.
  • Because of this, the customer wishes to upgrade to 4Gb of protection. Here is how the billing is affected:
    • $500/month fee - $250 (already used from quota - 15 days)
    • 4Gb subscription is $950/month minus $250 (remaining unused) = $700 to upgrade to 4Gb plan
    • Setup: 4Gb Setup costs $950 - $500 already paid for 2Gb setup = $450 total due for setup
    • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      • TOTAL DUE = $700/MRC + $450 Setup = $1,150 total due

What happens if I do not have a Liquid Web DDoS Attack Protection Subscription and I receive an attack?

If an attack occurs and you do not have a DoS Mitigation Subscription, the following steps are taken:

  • Liquid Web will alert the customer to the existence and volume of attack that they are currently experiencing. In certain cases, the offending traffic may be Null Routed before the customer is contacted.
  • Liquid Web will advise customers of their options as the DDoS Attack continues:   
    • Purchase a Liquid Web DDoS Attack Protection subscription, which includes:
      • 1 full month setup fee
      • 1 full month subscription fee
    • Do not add DoS Mitigation service, potentially be Null Routed if attack continues

If I pay the Setup Fee & Service Fee and decide to cancel the subscription, will I be charged the setup fee again later if I decide to re-acquire the subscription?

Yes. If your subscription lapses, you will be required to pay a full setup fee.

Are there Advertising & Promotional Limitations for Liquid Web Clients in regards to DDoS Protection?

Liquid Web clients are prohibited from advertising, promoting or making claims related to services which are hosted upon infrastructure at Liquid Web. This limitation includes what is allowed to be stated on your website, to customers, in promotions and in advertising materials. This limitation applies to claims by the client which relate to services hosted by Liquid Web.

Liquid Web clients are prohibited from advertising, promoting or making claims related to DDoS Mitigation or any related service including, but not limited to, proxy protection, denial of service protection, denial of service mitigation or DDoS or DoS services.