Referral Partner Program Rules

    A qualified lead (“Lead”) is a referral of a customer (a) a customer who has not previously purchased services from Liquid web or (b) new business (excluding upgrades from previous purchased Services) from an existing Liquid Web customer. The qualification criteria will be applied as of the date of an accepted registration of the Lead, (“New Customer”) or (“New Business”} as the case may be. There is no limit on the number or frequency of Leads you may refer to Liquid Web. The referral fee payable under the Liquid Web Referral Program is set forth in Schedule 1 (“Referral Fee”).
    To be eligible to receive Referral Fee a Lead must be registered through the Liquid Web Partner Portal and meet the minimum 90-day term referenced in Schedule 1. To register a Lead, you must identify and have an established sales relationship with the New Customer or identify a new opportunity with an existing Customer. Liquid Web will review each Lead to determine if the Lead is qualified for registration as a New Customer or new opportunity with an existing customer. Liquid Web may in its sole discretion, elect not to qualify a Lead as a New Customer or a new opportunity with an existing Customer. Examples of circumstances that would cause Liquid Web to disqualify a Lead include, but are not limited to circumstances in which the Lead: (i) is the subject of a then-active direct sales effort by Liquid Web or another Liquid Web Partner; (ii) is the subject of a public request for proposal; (iii) is in Liquid Web’s CRM database; (iv) is not credit worthy; (v) is unlikely to be able to comply with Liquid Web’s Acceptable Use Policy; (vi) is a self referral; (vii) is a customer with whom the Referral Partner has not established a sales relationship; or (viii) is a referral from a Liquid Web Employee.

A. Liquid Web will pay a Referral Fee to the Referral Partner for each registered Lead producing a New Customer that executes a Hosting Services Agreement (“Hosting Services Agreement”) within six (6) months after the Lead’s registration date and remains a non-defaulting customer for 90 calendar days following the date of execution of the Hosting Services Agreement (“Qualifying Period”). The Referral Fee will be paid to Referral Partner within thirty (30) calendar days following the completion the Qualifying Period. The Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) computation on which the Referral Fee is based will be determined at the close of business 60 days after the date of the New Customer’s first paid invoice and is therefore, net of any credits, charge backs, non-recurring amounts (such as set up fees or bandwidth overages), or any sales taxes or governmental fees. Referral fees shall be payable in United States Dollars. Commissions will be paid via such means, including electronic funds transfer as mutually agreed by the parties.

B. If Referral Partner is also a customer of Liquid Web and defaults on any contractual obligation to Liquid Web, Liquid Web may either hold any Referral Fee due under this Agreement until any such default is cured, or deduct any sums due and owing to Liquid Web, as a result of the default, from the Referral Fee due to you under this Agreement.

C. Liquid Web may modify or terminate its referral fee program at any time in its sole discretion by giving you 30 days advance written notice of the termination or alteration of the program. In the event of a modification of the program Liquid Web will, for Leads registered prior to the effective date of the modification, honor the terms in effect as of the date of the Lead was registered for a period of 6 months following the date modification became effective. Following such 6-month period, Referral Fees will be paid according to the terms of the modified referral fee program. In the event of termination of the referral fee program, Referral Fees will be paid for registered Leads whose New Customer completes the Qualification Period prior to termination date

D. Referral Partner must, within 6 months of the New Customer’s successful completion of the Qualification Period, file with Liquid Web appropriate documentation (W-9, W-8BEN, and/or ACH authorization form) for the New Customer or the Referral Partner will be deemed to have waived Liquid Web’s obligation to pay a Referral Fee for the related transaction.

E. To remain eligible for continued participation in the Referral Partner Program the Referral Partner must earn a referral fee in each successive 12-month period following the date of the first Referral Partner Fee payment.

F. No Referral Fee will be payable for New Customers acquired by Liquid Web as a result of any discount, special offer or promotion program.



Referral Fee Computation

Dedicated Hosting Services, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Sites, WordPress 1X Average Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) 60 days after the new customer purchase and first month paid invoice (upgrades included)