Stop Worrying About eCommerce Technology

Introducing Managed WooCommerce Hosting
The First Worry-Free Intelligent Platform for eCommerce

You can't cache your way to high performance with eCommerce

When it comes time to scale resources for your site, most hosts handle scaling by integrating CDN and Caching. But when it come to eCommerce, these strategies don't work the same.

Now you don't have to worry about scaling your online store

Most host will put you on shared plans and as you start to get bigger they move to dedicated plans, often skyrocketing your monthly spend on hosting.

This is WooCommerce that comes optimized for performance

Most hosts who support WooCommerce just install it on top of WordPress and let customers figure out how to optimize the software on their hardware.

This Isn't Your Ordinary WooCommerce.

Most hosts have no trouble saying they support WooCommerce. But what they mean is that they'll install it and leave it there for you to configure. And if you ask to performance test it, they'll say no (featuring the impact on their other sites). We're not most hosts. We'll not only configure it for performance, but we'll test it with you. We even have tons of prewritten tests ready to help.


Most hosts won't touch the code of how WooCommerce works. And we don't blame them, it's a risky thing to do if you don't have the expertise. But we're not most hosts. We have what it takes and we've invested in the work to make WooCommerce perform better than it normally does. We're talking low-level code changes to make database reads and writes much faster..

We're Not Your Ordinary Managed Host.

Included with Every Plan

We want to make it easier than ever to select which plan you want to start with. We also know that access to a core set of features is what will drive your decision. That's why we've included all of these features with every one of our plans.

WP-CLI Access

Many developers will SSH into your server only to find that WP-CLI is not there. If you are looking to connect to the database or schedule a cron, WP-CLI will help you work faster and smarter. We make this tool standard for all of our Managed WooCommerce Hosting plans.



Faster search means your products are found faster and more discoverable leading to more conversions on your site. NeuralSearch is blazing fast search that replaces the default search within WordPress and WooCommerce.



A Content Delivery Network (CDN) dramatically reduces page load time by serving site content from servers located close to your visitors - anywhere in the world. Cloudflare basic comes standard with all of our plans.

SSH Access

We understand that some hosts limit your access to your site. We don't think that should be the case. That's why we give you access to your site, anyway you want it, even if it's low-level.

Page Caching

It's important that your site loads fast for every visitor every time. That's why we've built a custom page caching layer into our platform to give you the assurance your sites is going to stay up even under heavy traffic spikes.

Redis Caching

Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store. It helps your site's database run more efficiently and we've taken care of all the setup for you.

We're in Early Access Beta - Invite Only

As we put the finishing touches on our pricing and plans, we'd love to invite you to take our new Managed WooCommerce Hosting out for a spin. Right now we're in early access Beta, so by filling out the form below, we'll reach out and connect with you to hear more about your store or store plans. You'll get our white glove onboarding service as we set you up to try the most advanced WooCommerce hosting on the market today.