Managed WordPress vs cPanel

The Only Thing that's the Same about Them is the WordPress Code

Why Managed over cPanel

At Liquid Web, like many other web hosts, we have offered a hosting plan that comes with cPanel. If you don't know what cPanel is, it's a control panel that lets you auto-install software and configure it in a lot of different ways.

Our cPanel solution has been optimized for WordPress - to the extent that it makes sense. After all, the cPanel approach is one where we leave you more in charge of your solution. In the old days, this was the only way you had access to the server or database. But our new managed WordPress solution gives you SSH access and the ability to connect to phpMyAdmin, if you need it.

For a long time cPanel was the way to go. Today, however, we think there's a better approach.

Optimizing what you care about most

Our cPanel solution for WordPress gives you the ability to control a lot about your configuration, including:

  • Check MarkThe name of your database & database user
  • Check MarkThe ability to park and redirect domains
  • Check MarkA way to manage cron jobs
  • Check MarkDirect access to define MIME types
  • Check MarkCreate email accounts & lists

While there are people who need to do these things, our experience suggests these features aren't what people care about most (except maybe email). It's why we created our own Managed WordPress portal - so you could do the things you care about, without needing cPanel.

Proactive Protection

Our Managed Portal goes beyond a control panel. Whether it's checking code before changing PHP versions, or doing visual comparisons of your site before and after plugin updates, this is not something you get with cPanel.

Performance Improvements

By constraining the environment for consistency, we can introduce performance optimizations that aren't available with your cPanel version — like image compression and optimization. your site will load so fast you'll think it's magic.

Full Server Access

cPanel used to be the way you got low-level access to your sites. Today we offer SFTP & SSH access to your files and phpMyAdmin access for your database and its tables. Our Managed Portal now gets you all the access you've ever really wanted.

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cPanel vs. Managed WordPress


Managed WordPress

The latest version of WordPress (always updated) check_box check_box
SFTP & SSH Access check_box check_box
Database (phpMyAdmin) check_box check_box
Email Lists and Accounts check_box remove_circle_outline
Automatic Image Compression remove_circle_outline check_box
Plugin Updates Using Visual Comparison remove_circle_outline check_box
Manage Multiple Sites with iThemes Sync remove_circle_outline check_box

We’re Focused on Web Professionals, Like You.

We recognize that companies who sites are powering their business know their success is tied to more than just infrastructure. They want a team who is always on, always vigilant and always there to help. That’s us...we’re your team. Monitoring your servers, mitigating risk, optimizing performance. And if you need support, with one of our technicians quickly and on your first contact. Everything we do is about being that partner you can trust.

That’s why Liquid Web is the most loved managed hosting provider in the industry with a leading NPS score of 65.

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