Creating an Etsy Competitor with Managed WooCommerce Hosting is Even Easier

What if you could have your own marketplace up and running in less than 2 weeks?

What is a Marketplace?

A marketplace is not a single store; rather, it’s a collection of stores. Customers walk in and can browse goods from several different vendors.

Why are people building marketplaces?

People are building marketplaces like Etsy because it’s a kind of eCommerce that doesn’t require products or inventory. You built an environment where others can create stores.

And while it’s true that Etsy and eBay are big and already run tons of stores (not to mention Amazon), the truth is that there is still a lot of room to build niche marketplaces.

Why haven’t more people built these kinds of stores?

  • Complexity

    There are many software solutions that let you bring multiple sellers together, but they generate a ton of work for the person creating the marketplace. So in the end, marketplace creators just give up.

  • Hard for Sellers to Join

    Sellers find it difficult to join most marketplaces. Creating their store within a marketplace hasn’t always been easy. And if you don’t make it easy for sellers, they won’t join a marketplace.

  • Tracking

    Marketplace owners need a way to track sales, determine commissions, and automatically pay them out.

Customizable marketplace solution giving you total freedom

With Dokan multi-vendor eCommerce you are able to create a fully customizable store that allows you to:

  • Build a marketplace site on WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Fully customizable front-end dashboard for your vendors
  • Provide store insights and reports to your vendors

Allow vendors to run their store independently or as part of a marketplace

With Dokan multi-vendor you can build the marketplace store the way you want, fully in your control:

  • Vendors can manage their own stores
  • Vendors can sell multiple product types
  • Vendors can controls which products get discounts and create their own store coupons
  • Vendors can view report data on their store


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How are we making it easy to start a WooCommerce Marketplace?

The good news is that we’ve created a starter plan that’s focused on marketplaces. When you combine the power of WooCommerce with Dokan, a multi-vendor extension, you can help people quickly and easily create their stores in your marketplace.

Instead of figuring out what extensions to use, how to configure them, and determine if the payment gateways will integration and work, we’ve taken all that work off your hands.

If you decide to upgrade from the Dokan Starter Plan to one of their higher plans (with more premium modules), you’ll have to pay the difference for the upgrade.

What if my store grows fast?

If your store is growing so fast that you need a bigger server, we can easily upgrade you from any of our starter plans to our business plans (starting at $249). Those servers come with greater amounts of RAM, Disk, and PHP workers to allow you to scale your marketplace quickly and easily.

Marketplace Starter Plan

$149 / month
  • Great for stores with 300 monthly transactions
  • Unlimited Products & Orders
  • Free SSL Cert Included
  • IconicWP Plugins Included
  • Jilt Abandoned Cart Included (50 engaged users)
  • Beaver Builder Standard Included

Full Feature List

Thousands of themes

While there are 500 free and more than 1000 eCommerce themes available, we've done the testing and have included Astra Pro, the fastest theme built for eCommerce.

Custom Look & Feel

We include Beaver Builder, the premier page builder to give you the flexibility to create landing and product pages exactly the way you want.

Mobile Optimized

15% of the all eCommerce sales are done while using a mobile device. So unless you want to cut your revenue by the same, you want to ensure your website loads quick and is well laid out for mobile.

Responsive Design

Because we want your store to succeed and grow, we include a responsive theme built for all types of devices, giving you the freedom to build your site the way you want it, responsively.

Comprehensive Plugins Included

We’ve partnered with IconicWP to provide you additional features. To learn more about each plugins, visit:

Custom Fields

WooCommerce allows you to set up your product information any way you want. You can easily create custom fields to help segment your content.

Product Catalogs

We have plans for all types of product catalogs. Whether you are selling physical, digital, virtual or even external products, you have the ability to set your catalog up for success.

Product Variations

Do you sell t-shirts or other products that have variations? Don't worry about those counting against you. They are a single product to us.

Staff Accounts

Whether you are a small or large store, giving your team access to administrate your eCommerce store is important. That's why we don't put a limit on who can access. Create as many accounts as you like.

Store Management

Inventory, orders, coupons or discounts can all be managed within a few clicks. And if you want to have upsells / cross sells or even run promotions, you can schedule these quickly and easily.

Image Support

You want your products to look good, especially when your customers can't touch or hold your product. That's why we've thought of everything from image compression to zoom and mobile. We've got you covered.

Great for SEO

WooCommerce is built on WordPress, which provides you with highly optimized SEO capabilities like clean URLs, keyword indexing, product schema, custom metadata and sitemaps.

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