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Microsoft SQL Database as a Service

Fully Managed Microsoft SQL in the Cloud

Liquid Web customers with critical sites and applications requiring a robust, scalable, and highly available database can add Microsoft SQL Database as a Service to their hosting solution. Hosting your database on a separate server can significantly reduce overhead on your primary Liquid Web server while improving overall performance and adding a new level of scalability – all without having to worry about managing the database server or services yourself.

Microsoft Partner

A Highly Available, Scalable, and Fully Managed Database Solution


Microsoft SQL Database as a Service is designed for maximum reliability. The use of multiple hardware nodes (read/write, read-only, and passive) ensures that your database will be available and accessible in almost any situation.


Separating your database from your primary server allows you to take full advantage of the power of the cloud. You can easily scale your database up or down across any service tier with a single call, raising and lowering your capacity at any time as needed.


Our High Availability Cloud SQL service is fully managed – you don’t need to worry about the Operating System, High Availability setup, or the hardware. Liquid Web’s highly qualified System Administrators will manage every aspect of the service.


Microsoft SQL Database as a Service includes one full day of backups. Liquid Web provides one complete daily backup of your database as well as a full 24 hours of hourly log backups.


High Availability and High Performance rarely go hand in hand. But our solution allows you to effectively double your read performance by initiating read-intent requests when appropriate.


Your database connection doesn’t depend on your Operating System, so you can leverage the power of Microsoft SQL even if your Liquid Web server is not running Windows.


Good for
basic HA needs

5 GB Database

25 Concurrent


Better for
typical production sites

15 GB Database

50 Concurrent


Best for
high-volume sites

50 GB Database

80 Concurrent Requests


For high-traffic
and enterprise sites

200 GB Database

120 Concurrent Requests


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