“[I’m] glued to Liquid Web” | Crazy Engineer Databases Get 330% Faster as Company Relies on Liquid Web for Hosting and Tech Expertise

I visited a few webmaster forums and found a lot of great reviews about Liquid Web’s support services. I sent a few questions to (the) sales team and they responded within minutes with detailed answers.



The Pain Problem for Crazy Engineers

When Kaustubh Katdare launched in 2005 his aim was to facilitate the exchange of ideas between engineering professionals. In the time since then, the site has made a name for itself by providing a constant stream of new and useful information as well as providing a vibrant online community where ideas that shape our future are being discussed every day. As an engineer-built site for engineers, site management wasn’t an initial concern. But problems did arise relating to hardware, uptime, and security: the original site suffered a debilitating hack that the previous host could not recover from. Growing the site as a startup also created a number of concerns based on limited resources, such as not having enough server capacity to handle the fluctuating traffic needs associated with various users as the site became more popular.

How Liquid Web Helps

Crazy smart technical support provides the perfect solution for Crazy Engineers
Building on a shared environment currently in place, Liquid Web’s full palette of security features protected the site, ensured superior uptime and provided the technical support that helped Crazy Engineers successfully move forward past the obstacles faced with its previous host. Soon after the migration to Liquid Web, CrazyEngineers upgraded to a dedicated environment as their presence expanded and popularity increased. “We started performing more testing and app development, which required the ability to clone servers rapidly, all in addition to seeing more traffic spikes,” recalls Katdare of the next phase of CrazyEngineers’ metamorphosis. With all this activity, it became clear that it was time to migrate CrazyEngineers to the Storm Platform. Katdare loves the flexibility of Liquid Web’s cloud offering. His decisions to upgrade or downgrade are now entirely based on recommendations made by the support staff (a.k.a. The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting) at Liquid Web.
A not so crazy idea to speed up database functionality
Liquid Web also created an abstraction layer between CrazyEngineers’ Application Servers and the Database Servers to streamline communication and eliminate many of the resource-sucking database scaling processes. This has effectively sped up database functionality and allowed the CrazyEngineers’ forum to work smoothly under the most extreme conditions. Even with a community of engineers, developers, and technicians at his disposal, Katdare cannot understate the importance of having a dedicated staff on site, monitoring the health of his site and it’s growing traffic every day. “On a number of occasions, it has been immensely helpful having someone knowledgeable physically located where our operations are based," says Katdare. “How far out of the way Liquid Web has gone to create solutions geared directly toward our specific changes and growth reflect their culture -- it's what keeps me glued to the company." By combining Cloud Hosting with Dedicated Servers and High Availability Database Solutions from Liquid Web, the success of Crazy Engineers doesn’t sound so crazy. For more information on how Liquid Web can help your business, click here or, talk to one of the most Helpful Humans in Hosting at 800-580-4985.

Liquid Web enhances a site that’s not quite right by offering steady upgrades, fast and versatile servers, and a full complement of database tools:

  • Engineered website to withstand 70% increase in traffic
  • High Availability Solutions to ensure community forums operate a peak performance
  • Sped up databases processes 330% on average