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Liquid Web’s Quality Assurance Analyst, Romine Cavalcante, on what inspires her, the joys of curiosity, and how her border collie keeps her motivated.

Women in Technology - Romine Cavalcante
“My motto has been ‘Always surpass yourself.’ I’m always trying to learn to help me to grow in my work.”

Romine Cavalcante has always been curious and methodical, and she brings this sense of investigation to her work, constantly trying to improve the customer experience. “My motto has been ‘Always surpass yourself.’ I’m always trying to learn more to help me to grow in my work.”

Based in Brazil, Cavalcante lives in a small coastal city called Peruíbe in São Paulo State. Her hometown is Maceió in the northeast of the country. “I am the very first Quality Assurance Analyst in my hometown,” she says.

With a graduate degree in Systems Analysis and a postgraduate in Software Engineering, Cavalcante now lives on a small farm. She shares the farm with her husband, nine dogs, three cats, two rabbits, and nine chickens. “It’s a bit of work, but it’s something that we really love, like therapy,” she says. “We divide the work, and sometimes we take some of them to travel or go camping with us.”

Cavalcante has worked in tech for 12 years, beginning as a Requisites Analyst before learning about the Quality Assurance Analyst role. It’s been a long journey, but she has persisted in reaching her career goals.

Now at Liquid Web, Cavalcante’s position as Quality Assurance Analyst means she’s responsible for testing new features, evaluating new designs, and being the gatekeeper of releases. “I value the many possibilities of learning new things and how to apply that knowledge to my work. There isn’t only one correct way to do something. I am always recognizing things I need to learn, so the fun never fades,” she says.

She is most proud of becoming a Team Lead and teaching others about being good QAs. “I know I still have so much to learn, but yet, being capable of guiding other people to grow to another level,” she says. “Mainly because I never had a mentor. It was a lonely way in the beginning. But now, I can be to others what I didn’t have in the past.”

Cavalcante says she’s been lucky to have many people acting as inspirations throughout her career journey. “If it weren’t for a teacher of mine in college, I would never know this area existed. If it weren’t for my first boss in my first job as QA, who gave me many tips, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Those two have my entire gratitude, Mozart de Melo and Marcus Lopes,” she says.

Romine attributes her success to everyone she worked with since the beginning. Good or bad, she has always learned something new with them. She also believes that never stopping studying and being persistent are crucial to success.

One of her biggest motivators is her dog, Blue, a border collie. “She has followed all my job goals and achievements, and every time I got an increase, I always did something more for her—better ration, annual checkups, toys. Now, we bought a small farm for her!”

As someone who has always been the first woman on every team she’s worked with, Romine is happy to see women in tech stepping into more space. She thinks that women are showing how different they can think and what their unique perspectives bring to the table.

To convince young women to get into the technology field, Romine says that tech has a lot of areas, and if you aren’t suited to one area, it doesn’t mean you can’t fit well into others. She also highlights the importance of a willingness to learn, to accept criticism, and to aim to grow in work.

Romine has trained many QA’s and encourages anyone with a keen eye for details and how to improve apps to ping her. She believes in trading knowledge and is always ready to help anyone interested in the field.

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