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Conversion Optimization Manager for Nexcess, Emily Davies, on how data and design can work together, working alongside amazing women, and the importance of people—at work and at home.

“I have had the great privilege to work with, work for, and manage many amazing and powerful women. I believe these women have influenced me the most. Being able to learn and work alongside women of all stages of their career has been a true honor.”

Growing up in Broomfield, Colorado, Emily Davies was the fourth of five children. “I was lucky to grow up in a loving and loud house,” she says. “Definitely never a dull moment!” Both an athlete and an artist, Davies played soccer and was passionate about doing anything creative—even making her own prom dress.

Her deep creativity has extended into her career, having worked in Digital Marketing since 2014. “I studied Graphic Design, Business Administration, and Apparel Merchandising at University and found my way into Digital Marketing,” she says. After learning about Conversion Rate Optimization through an internship in her senior year, Davies found that her love of data numbers and design went hand-in-hand. “It was like I had hit the jackpot,” she says. “Proving that creative changes would drive business growth and influence digital users was very exciting. I have been working within the Liquid Web family of brands for over a year now, and being able to work within the marketing department for a tech company has just further highlighted the joys of cross-collaboration between specialties and allowed for continued growth and learning.”

Davies brings these skills to Liquid Web as the Conversion Optimization Manager for Nexcess, using data and behavioral patterns to find better solutions for digital marketing experiences. “Every day, I am focused on improving the customer’s experience within our website and using data to drive updated user experiences, design, content, and other digital initiatives,” she says.

And while she loves data and design, it’s the learning that Davies most appreciates about a tech career. “I also really enjoy being about to work with many different people,” she says. “I have had the opportunity in my career to work closely with dev and IT professionals as well as creatives and leadership. It is cool to collaborate with different specialties, and I think that comes a lot with the industry we are in and the work we get to do.”

One of Davies’s proudest achievements has been stepping into management roles. “Being able to support people on my team and advocate for them as liaison to leadership is one of my greatest privileges,” she says. “It taught me how to do that for team members who don’t report to me. There is always an opportunity to guide, lead or advocate for people I work with.”

With collaboration at the heart of how she likes to work, it’s no surprise that Davies cites numerous colleagues as influential in her career journey. “I have had the great privilege to work with, work for, and manage many amazing and powerful women. I believe these women have influenced me the most. Learning and working alongside women of all stages of their careers has been a true honor,” she says.

People are at the heart of Davies’ personal life, too. “My favorite way to spend my day is doing anything with someone I love,” she says. “Even if we are just sitting on the couch catching up on the latest Beat Bobby Flay, I love being around my people. My family lives nearby, so I get to see them more than I think many people do. I love walking to get coffee or doing a park day with my boyfriend and his dog. I also have a good network of friends with whom I love getting together for drinks or dinner. I love traveling and being out and about, but my favorite day is lowkey with those I love—no matter where we are.”

Davies is confident about the role of women in the future of the tech field. “Women are the future. I see a lot of powerful women at Liquid Web and how capable they are of leading and owning their specialties. It is only going to continue to grow, in my opinion,” she says.

To young women interested in exploring a tech career, Davies advises not to fear the statistics. “You are smart and capable, and if you are interested in the field, jump at it. I also would say that it is not one size fits all. I studied art and have found my way into digital marketing and working for a tech company. You never know where your career will take you, and you should not shy away from a tech opportunity if it arises.” For Davies, the key is confidence and trust in yourself. “It is also ok not to know everything,” she says. “You will be learning your whole career—which, to me, is beautiful.”

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