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Web hosting can be a challenging part of any web development business. You want to give your clients good service, but you also want to run an efficient and profitable business. WHMCS is an easy-to-use interface to help you manage—and grow—your business.

What Is WHMCS?

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management platform to help you automate your web hosting business. It allows you to sell products and services, automatically set up hosting accounts, handle recurring billing, and deal with support issues.

You can create custom hosting packages and sell them directly to your clients. Plus, it is designed for automation, so account provisioning, billing, and email are all set up automatically.

Liquid Web resellers get a free WHMCS license, and our specialists can help you make the most of it.

How Can WHMCS Help?

It can be a key system in your hosting business. It’s designed to help you be more efficient and offer seamless services to your clients.

We’ve got five specific ways it can help:

1. Sell Web Hosting

The most basic function that WHMCS helps with is selling web hosting directly from your website.

whmcs autoprovision for resellers

When a customer buys a hosting package from you, WHMCS automatically processes the payment, provisions a Cpanel account, and sends the customer an email with all the details. No work from you.

There are a ton of options and extras available:

  • You can completely customize the product offerings, creating your own packages, names, prices, and more.
  • You can set up different payment plans, including recurring billing and automatic renewal.
  • If you don’t want to automate the process, you don’t have to. You can have it automatically set up when payment is received, or after you’ve had a client meeting—whatever works for your process.
  • You can edit all the email templates for a customized experience.
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2. Sell Domain Names

You can also sell domain names through WHMCS. You’re not limited to just hosting.

If you have an existing relationship with a domain registrar, you should be able to set it up through WHMCS. Or you can create a relationship with a new registrar using the list of ones that work with WHMCS.

Enom is one of the recommended options, and by going through WHMCS you jump up to another pricing tier that’s better than what typical resellers can get.

3. Set Up Recurring Billing

More than just domains and hosting, you can use WHMCS to sell just about anything. With the recurring billing option, you can set yourself up for ongoing recurring income.

setup recurring billing automation with whmcs

So you could sell website management plans that automatically renew every month or year.

Set up packages specific to what your clients need. Maybe that’s an all-in-one offering, or maybe it’s an a la carte approach where clients can choose web development, design, hosting, domains, ongoing maintenance, support, etc.

4. Support Tickets for Clients

WHMCS also has a platform to handle support tickets for clients. Rather than dealing with a barrage of emails or paying for a third-party system, you can integrate your support efforts with your sales offerings in one handy spot.

Like any standard ticketing system, you can see a queue of support tickets, add notes, send replies, create custom fields, attach files, keep a client log, etc.

You can also add staff to review tickets where they have limited access to the support section, so you’re not the only one handling support questions.

5. Support Knowledge Base

Because common support questions come up all the time, you can also create a support knowledge base. This is a way to offer self-help for clients and minimize the time you spend dealing with support questions.

knowledge base articles to automate support

You do have to create the support articles, but there’s an entire infrastructure to handle it. You can set up categories and sub-categories, set the display order, see which articles are viewed most, and more.

You can also offer downloads that are available behind a login, so you can offer both a public knowledge base and exclusive articles for clients only.

What Else Can WHMCS Do?

Running a web hosting business can take a lot of valuable time.

You need a platform that will help simplify and automate all aspects of your business so you’re not doing repetitive tasks, or using separate systems to provision accounts, bill your clients and provide support.

WHMCS is the market leader in web hosting billing and automation and offers the most advanced automation platform for web hosting companies on the market today. Designed specifically for the Web Hosting, ISP and WISP industries, no other billing software comes close to providing the features, flexibility, and functionality that WHMCS includes.

In the infographic below, we show you 5 Ways WHMCS saves you time from providing a single centralized platform for managing all aspects of your business to automating your whole customer lifecycle so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business and supporting your customer’s success.

save time with WHMCS

Growing Your Business

WHMCS is pretty powerful. It can be very simple, but it also has a lot of detail and complication through plugins and add-ons that really make it versatile.

All of that means you have the tools at your disposal to grow your business. You can offer the packages you want and sell them directly to your clients. You can set up the process and system you want, tailored to your brand and voice. Give your clients the experience you want them to have.

And it’s all offered in an easy-to-use, one-stop, seamless system. WHMCS is the billing and automation platform to make your job easier and help your business do better.

For more help with WHMCS, watch our Grow Your Web Business With WHMCS webinar.

Ready to Try WHMCS?

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