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Over the next several months, we will be introducing new tools to your Liquid Web management portal.  We know you want and need simple, easy to follow tools that help you build and manage your websites, and we have done just that.  We heard your feedback and have big plans to update our portal to simplify your processes. This project will take a few months to complete, but while we work toward a major overhaul of your portal, we wanted to share the upcoming updates now.

Starting April 12th, 2018, you will see new features added to your DNS tab in your management portal.  

  • Bulk Updates to Existing DNS Zones – This will allow you quick and easy changes to one, many or all of your DNS records at one time.
  • Import/Export DNS Zones Using the “BIND” Format – Get quick updates in an industry leading format “BIND” which simplifies changes you need to carry over from or to other DNS systems.
  • Detect and Integrate DNS Zone Information – This provides you the option to integrate your DNS zone information from our Business Email product so you no longer have to jump between pages or control panels. Simplified Process!
  • Detect and Copy DNS Zones – You will now have the option to copy your VPS cPanel DNS zones into the Liquid Web DNS name servers which takes the load off your server.
  • DNS Record History – Want to be able to see what you have changed? Now you can! You will be able to track and document all the changes made to your DNS records.
  • Restoring DNS Records From the History – This allows you to quickly fix DNS records at the touch of a button.

These are just some of the many features we are adding to your portal.  In the future, we will be doing even more! We plan to add diagnostics for your DNS records and configurations.  Upon acceptance, these fixes will be immediately implemented for you. Also in store is a big jump in Domain Management tools.  And finally, we will be working on the overall interface to simplify your experience.

We are so excited to start offering you these enhancements.  You can find more information in our Knowledge Base, or you can reach out to our support team with any questions.

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