Case Study: Hiya Digital Delivers Outstanding Customer Service With Liquid Web

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Deepak Sakhrani is no stranger to the tech world. After developing his career with a software development company in the late 1990s, he launched his first web services business venture in 2005, eventually going on to found Hiya Digital in 2015, based in Mumbai, India. Today, Hiya Digital is laser-focused on providing a complete web services solution with exceptional customer service for their customers.

Hiya Digital delivers the latest technology solutions to its traditional business operations, offering one-on-one personalized customer support, which sets them apart from many competitors. Being able to offer exceptional customer service means having a web host with minimal response times.

However, as they scaled their customer and service offerings, their web host support response times started becoming unacceptable. That’s when they began trialing new web hosting providers, including Liquid Web, with a strong focus on finding a host with minimal response times and exceptional customer support.

Response time was minimum as compared to other service providers. Within three months of trials and making some experimental blunders on our own, we knew no other company was able to match the level of support provided by Liquid Web. Hence, we decided to consolidate all our servers and partner with Liquid Web,” stated Deepak Sakhrani, Director.

Hiya Digital realized a traditional dedicated server cost savings of 15-20% after migrating to Liquid Web’s Private VPS Parent servers, and is able to provide high-quality, uninterrupted, and reliable web solutions to all of their customers, every time. Hiya Digital currently boasts over 2,000 customers and over 100 reseller partners, and continues to grow with Liquid Web.

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